Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm Late......I'm Late..........!!!!!!!!


Sorry I'm late today, the first pic shows you what was waiting for me when we got home from doing the wedding in Elbow, the second pic, shows you why I was putting it off.

Let me begin by letting you  know that the wedding last night went GREAT! We ended up booking another wedding in that area for next summer! We had phenomenal feedback all night and  a 4 hour standard wedding dance turned into a 6 hour marathon! They were really nice people and a crowd ready for a good time. Lots of Fun!

We stayed at a place called "Sarah's Cove". They rent out condos for less than the price of a hotel room in Saskatoon. Full kitchen, a little deck with bar-b que, a pool, hot tub, next door to the marina and gorgeous golf course. I hope we can go back when we can really get to spend some time and enjoy it.

So, that kind of explains why we were dragging our heels a little coming home. But, the longer we put it off, the longer we have no shower! I know, sponge bathing and washing your hair in the kitchen sink sounds romantic and all, ok, maybe I was just trying to convince myself it didn't suck, either way it's getting old....quick!

So folks, this upcoming week is getting ready for the party we are doing in Kindersley next weekend and preparing for the "Word on the Street Festival" in Saskatoon on the 25th.

I hate to cut this short, my friends, but, because of my slacking off earlier in the day, it is now 1:15pm on a Sunday, and not one piece of drywall has been hanged! Time to get at it!

So until next week!

May you happen across good people who make your day brighter and better
May you stop squelching the urge to run through your neighbours' sprinkler; life's better, wetter.

May you welcome whatever life brings to you with an open mind and open heart.
May you come to realize that what you want and what you have are not that far apart.

May you be willing to let go of things that make any tough situation only worse.
May you recognize that these negative things only weigh you down and hold you back like some ancient curse.

May these curses in your life be broken by positivity, acceptance and the power of unconditional love.
May they be tossed so far aside, that if you lived three lifetimes, they never again be heard from.

See Ya Next Week!

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