Friday, December 7, 2012

'Twas Three Weeks Before Christmas....

Well Hello!

Well folks, we are either a few weeks away from Christmas or the end of the world, depending on who you talk to.

Personally I prefer to take the less depressing route, and follow the assumption that we are not going to implode or explode or shut down or burn or whatever it is the crazy calendar people are saying is going to happen this time.

But... that's just me.

So our beach themed party in -20C was awesome! There were a lot of willing participants who doubled as good sports, so that always makes the night so much more fun. There were some very interesting photos taken, some games played, some cocktails consumed, all in all a good night!

In the last few days, I also was able to get some Christmas treats into the freezer. Peanut butter Krispie treat balls, some dipped in caramel, some in chocolate; chocolate fudge, some werther's chocolate and soft caramel cookies and some banana, orange cranberry, sugar crumble muffins.

Heading into the home stretch, all that's left is some ginger/molasses cookies, some puppy chow, and dessert for the actual meal. I'm thinking I might substitute pie for cheese cake this year, depending on my final head count, I may need both.

Today I'll be hitting the road, picking up my eldest daughter and we will make our way to the Battlefords where we will be participating in the Battlefords Lions Christmas Bazaar! It goes from 10-4 Hope to see you there!

Yep we are going a day early to get in some much needed visiting with my best friend, Dana. She is awesome! Looking so forward to it!

As for the upcoming week?

Well I really need to buckle down and get all the prep done for our Girl Guide fundraiser set for Friday the 14th. Those girls are so cute, we had such a good time with them last year, and looking forward to seeing them all again!

But, before we get there, we need to replace the lights we use for DJing. They all quit, pretty much at the same time, who knows why. In any case, they need replacing, so to Long & McQuade we must go.

So folks, that about wraps it up for another week. This week, my wish for you is taking on a bit of a different form, I hope you like it.

'Twas three weeks before Christmas, and all through the mess,
Not a creature was stirring, was trying hard to de-stress.

Was worrying about the lack of decor in the yard,
Especially when the neighbour's looks like it leaped from a Christmas card.

Was worrying about the wishes written upon kids' lists, and just how to make them come true,
The budget is tight for St. Nick this year, but we'd still love to be able to come through.

Was fussing about the tree, the baking, wanting the house perfect for holiday guests,
Been preparing deep into most nights, defying the need for rest.

Been trying to manage my time with this and with that, fighting to stay on top of it all.
How does everyone else do it, looking so effortless, like their having a ball!

Now, in all my dither, how did I possibly fail to see,
The joyful, sparkling eyes of my kids looking at me.

They see passed the old tree and decorations all of which have seen better days,
All they see is the promise of possibilities, the shimmer and shine of the holidays.

In the end nothing matters, but the thrill on their faces, time with family and friends, memories made,
Everything else is just fluff, just stuff, for which excitement quickly fades.

So, prepare for this wonderful time, but do so with joy and keep the pressure light,
Off now, to happily wrap some presents, Merry Christmas to all and to all, a Good Night!

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