Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jamaican Long Johns?


Looks like a perfect day for a "beach" party, wouldn't you say? Well, when you live where I do, and your backyard looks like this, a beach party is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Yes, tonight I'll be doing the music for a "Jamaican/Beach/Stagette" party. It ought to be a blast, considering it's here at home, and I'll pretty much know everyone there! They are a great group, so I'm really looking forward to a good night!

The bride-to-be is the same age as our second daughter, and grew up across the street. I know it's been said a million times, but, man, time really does get away on you! It doesn't seem fair, really. By the time you are wise enough to figure what really matters, how precious time is, almost half your life has passed you by.

This is probably about the time in our lives we get slapped upside the head by "mid-life crises."  We all of a sudden get into panic mode because we realize we are half way through this rodeo and we feel like we've missed too much. 

Well, seeing as I'm sneaking up on 47, I'm smack in the middle of "mid-life."  I haven't been decked by the crises part of it yet, as far as I can tell, but it could be just around the corner. I'll be sure to let you know if I suddenly get the urge to skydive and buy mini-skirts.

Besides doing the prep for tonight's party, I did manage to get a few things knocked off my list. Today, there is more baking in the freezer for Christmas than there was last week.  The gifts that have been purchased are wrapped. The remaining gifts are being shipped as we speak!

The Christmas tree is up, and about half the snowmen are out. A nine month old,walking grandbaby makes decorating a challenge, but we're figuring it out.

Also this week, I received some generous orders for books. They should still be in time for Christmas, I hope. Still blows my mind to think of people unwrapping gifts and finding my books! Here's hoping they enjoy them! If you'd like to order in time for Christmas, there should still be time, if we hurry!

So, for the upcoming week!

More baking, more snowmen, a bunch of grandbaby snuggles, a bit of shopping, and then it's off to Battleford to take part in the Battlefords Lions Christmas Bazaar! It's going to be so much fun! My eldest daughter is coming along as a helper and we will be meeting up with my closest friend, and maybe a few more for a "girls" weekend.

We will be on our best behavior.  Stop Laughing! We Will!  Okay, we will try.... Better?

Now, my friends, I need to go and figure out how to make long johns look Jamaican...

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.

May the poetic frost that romantically nips at your nose, not become the kind that claims a finger or a toe.
May the lyrical sing song desire to "let it snow," not become the blizzard that makes it impossible for you to go.

May the majestic winter wonderland shown in movies, not become the house bounding agent it can sometimes be.
May the "one horse sleigh" so charmingly imagined, not become the only way to set your snowbanked car free.

May all of the beauty, charm and sugar plums conjured by these holiday songs, come true in every way.
May every romantic vision of  winter be what befalls you, all rosy cheeks, snowball fights, and open sleigh.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read these ramblings.!

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