Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day, For Real..........

Ahhh, Valentine's Day!

A day of gallant, romantic gestures, expensive gifts, lovely wine, and long, knowing looks deep into the eyes of that certain someone.  Oh, wait a minute, that's the Hollywood version.

In reality, for the majority of us, Valentine romance, generally means a bit of a longer kiss in the morning, with the promise of something more meaningful to come, when the house quiets down. For most of us, the diamond earrings, and trips to the Caribbean, look more like a home made, hand decorated cake, and, if you are very lucky, a trip to the local theater to watch one your Valentine fantasies unfold on the silver screen.  For all of us mere mortals, whose lives are lived unscripted, the sultry looks of longing are not usually as they might first seem, in the eyes of a stranger; but a means of communicating without words, who would be the one "privileged" enough to take the first bite of the "surprise dessert" made secretly by their 5 year old self proclaimed chef. Yep, then, at the end of the day, you remember why that glass of wine is such a perfectly lovely idea.

Ahhhh, Valentines's Day!

For me, as long as this "love day" is spent with my best friend, my hubby, the most romantic guy I know, it's all good. We've been together 28 years, and not a day goes by without me hearing the word's "I love you" and "you're beautiful." I am very lucky, and am very thankful for it every day.

So, besides celebrating Valentine's Day, this week..........

I put the finishing touches on the music for tomorrow night's Valentine Dance...........

Did some fridge filling, as we are going to have a pretty full house for the next little while......(Temporary roommates, daughter, son-in-law, grandbaby, to join in with other daughter, boyfriend, and other grandbaby)

Put the wheels in motion for our radio ad for Integrity RV Service.........

Got the ball rolling for our sign that will hang in front of the shop..........

Made a date to go in and sign the first of many sets of papers that will line the way from here to opening day......

A good week.

So, for the next few days.......

Do our level best to make sure everyone and the dance tomorrow night, has a great time!

Get the new roommates settled in and comfortable.......

Have a meeting with lawyer to start laying above mentioned paper trail......

Receive the report on our Environmental study (Cross everything that crosses for us, that we pass with flying colors!)

Start work on an order for RV parts to stock the shop/store!

Well, my friends, that about does it for another week. Thank you again for taking an interest in this crazy life of mine. Readership passed the 7000 mark this week. I know, to some, that might not seem like a lot. But, for someone who never thought in a million years, that ANY readers, would read these ramblings, it simply blows me away.

Thank you.

So, until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.........

May there always be room in your heart for more; more love, more friends, more happiness, more.
May you never miss that when harsh wind blows a window closed, that same wind opens a door.

May there always be space in your life to accept, the good, the bad, the ugly, the utterly fantastic.
May you see that in simple acceptance, space is freed for solutions to emerge, life will seem enchanted.

May troubles that want to clutter your mind and heart, those that want to make a hoarder of your soul.
May you discover that with release, comes peace, free them all, for they feed the illusion of control.

May you feel the freedom of throwing old baggage overboard, making room for new wonders to unfold.
May you see the advantage of packing light, for old baggage carries no purpose it's just...... old.

Thank You! I love hearing from you!

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