Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Oscars and Bowling With Balloons!

Yep! This might have gone down in history as the longest 10 frames of 5 pin bowling ever!

When bowling with three 5yr olds and a 1yr old, I offer the following advice:

1) Do NOT be in a hurry..... with the many potty breaks, bored breaks, snack breaks, gangnum style breaks, and the efforts put forth to bowl with balloons, time, or loss thereof, becomes meaningless.

2) Be prepared to clear up any and many blockages of the gutters. As the balls tend to move at a pace that would be considered lightning speed by the average snail, they tend to not quite make it to the pins, at least not very often.

3) Be ready to celebrate! If, by chance, one of the balls makes actual contact with said pins, the commencement of much cheering and general hoopla must ensue immediately. If this is not executed within seconds of the incredulous feat, another bored break is very likely to spontaneously follow.

Well friends, our oldest grandchild, Ethan, celebrated his fifth birthday this week. Time flying, once again.

The kids were so adorable! There was a ton of giggles, cake, and conversation. He had a blast! We all did!

The rest of the week went pretty much according to plan. We were able to get our new roomies settled, well, mostly. We are working out the kinks of having 6 adults and 2 preschoolers in a small space. We're figuring it out. It's a very good thing we not only love each other, but also like each other and have a good sense of humour. For those of you who are old SNL fans, just think of it like this. "Fat Man in a Little Coat". A little squishy, but funny as hell!

We did NOT get our environmental report, like we were supposed to. We should have it in hand by the end of the business on Monday. Think good thoughts for us! Hopefully this is is the final big hurdle to opening our shop!

The Valentine dance was great! It's so fun to see everybody having a good time! It even worked out that my hubby and I were able to actually dance to a couple of songs ourselves! That doesn't happen very often.

As for the upcoming days..........

Well, tomorrow night is Oscar night, so I will have to watch that, for sure. I'm such a movie fan, I love all of the drama, and tearful speeches. And the movie "Life of Pi", which is up for a couple of awards, was actually based on a book by a fellow Saskatchewan author! Crossing my fingers!

Monday, should be environmental study day, and the day we start putting together our order for stocking the store part of our shop.

Tuesday includes a trip to Rosetown for nail appointment and groceries, and possibly more paper signing.

Wednesday.....well, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all kinda depend on what happens on's hopin'.

So folks, that about does it....

Until next time, and keeping "Oscar" in mind, I'll leave you with this wish...........

May the movie that is your journey be the most well written, funniest, most poignant, most beautifully shot, meaningful piece of art, ever given life.
May every part within it, albeit a cameo, an extra, or a starring role, be played with honest sincerity, breathing truth into every child, husband and wife.

May every conflict be brought to it's knees with the grace and grit of flawless thought, perfectly executed solutions, without ever having make up or pantyhose run or so much as a hair out of place.
May you, no matter the events of the previous evening, awaken prettily positioned without bedhead or  pillow-squished sleepface.

May you always and forever be the writer of your own tale, as well as it's director, producer, and star.
May you look in the mirror daily and know, without doubt, you own, in every category, an "Oscar."

Until next time, and on FaceBook!

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