Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Art Of Licking The Spoon


Ahhh, the rite of passage of "the licking of the spoon".

I remember, as a kid, the anticipation and excitement I felt every time Mom was making something that would inevitably conclude in this fantastic treat. Now, because there were quite a few of us, sometimes we had to take turns, sometimes Mom would "accidentally" leave enough in the bowl as to try to avoid a bowl/spoon licking war. Then, sometimes, if you were very lucky, you were the only one in the kitchen when the time presented itself and were the one and only spoon licker for that particular day.

I remember when my kids were small, seeing the same excitement in their eyes. The waiting, after watching me mix and stir, smelling the delicious gooey ingredients each in turn, making their way into the bowl, taking an obvious toll on their patience.

Well, my theory is this, just because we grow up, we don't have to give up what we love as kids.

Maybe we don't literally "lick the spoon" so much anymore, but we should never deny ourselves the sheer joy that the reward after a long arduous journey smothered in anticipation brings.

Maybe now, our "licks of the spoon", take the shape of having an extra long bath, or going out to a nice dinner, or a date night without the kids. Maybe the excited anticipation looks more like hard work and worry, but that should simply make the spoon taste that much sweeter.

As life goes on, there will be a lot of different ingredients making their way into your bowl. some will be sweet and gooey, and it will make perfect sense why they would be added. Other ingredients may be sour or bitter and their presence won't make sense until the different dishes are complete.

The tricky part is, we are thrown into this whole thing without any recipes to follow, we just have to make it up as we go along. Make sure to lick the spoon along the way.

Struggle, get through, lick the spoon. Illness, get through, lick the spoon. Having an "Everything you touch is turning to crap day," get through, lick the spoon.  Kids are screaming, get through, lick the spoon. Making your 8th batch of brownies for the school bake sale, for the love of Pete, Lick The Spoon!


This week, we had pretty awesome news. We finally received the go ahead for our RV service and repair shop. Integrity RV Service will be opening the doors for business in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, this Spring!

There will be a lot to do, and we couldn't be happier! Looking so forward to it!

With this news came a flurry of phone calls and text messages to siblings and friends, contractors, lawyers, and real estate agents, sign makers etc.

That, and chasing Jake in his efforts to literally love our cat to death, as babies tend to do, pretty much filled the week.

As for the next few days?......

Finish prepping for the upcoming Valentine Dance (Feb. 16th 9pm Milden Hall, kids welcome!)

Make a trip to Rosetown to check out the "shop" again.

Same trip....donate blood (Clinic at Rosetown civic center Wed. 2pm-8pm)

Get caught up on laundry and other glamorous things.

So that about does it for another week, until next time I'll leave you with this wish........

May every struggle, every worry, every stress be lifted without leaving scars.
May every good thought sent your way be as countless as the stars.

May every hardship dissipate like a single candle's smoke in the path of a hurricane's might.
May every blessing be multiplied and amplified as the boom of the most thunderous of night.

May any and all sorrow, worry and stress be ever gone from you very soon.
May you, when it takes it's leave, truly celebrate, and Lick The Spoon!

Until Next Time!

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