Saturday, April 20, 2013

Juggling In The Dark!

Hi Folks!

Well I'm afraid this week's ramblings may have to be cut a bit short. This week did not at all go according to my grand plan, as usual, but because of that we are going to be scrambling to be ready for Monday's opening.

The plumber has come and gone, there was water freezing issues, and, well, I bet you didn't know that a toilet could do double duty as a ornamental fountain!

The electricians have come and gone, everything went well there. (insert big sigh of relief!)

Oh yeah, and to start the week off perfectly, I came down with some kind of stomach bug that took me out for THREE days! Not only did I end up having to miss Oprah(sigh), but, that also meant we lost half of our workforce for those days. I would have tried to go anyway and just do what I could, but without a bathroom???? Not so much.

Oh yeah, and I still have no interac, the pinpad that was sent, didn't work. (Yay)

Our first official customer's trailer has been repaired, and went out the door, with a very happy owner.

So now, here is where we sit......

A little lunch room has come from the ashes of a greasy, dirty, storage closet. An "under the stairs" junk catching space has been transformed into an office/supplies/parts area.

The framework of a 16ft workbench has been constructed.

The two shipments have been received and gone through and entered into inventory.

And we now have a functioning bathroom!

So now, I'm afraid I need to run. I need to get to the shop, get as much done as I can there before leaving to go to North Battleford for a trade show! I still need to get packed up, do book count, etc. for that.

When I get back tomorrow evening, I will again meet my hubby at the shop to put the finishing touches on the shop before opening on Monday!

So my friends, I'll leave you for another week, until then.........

May every minute you need stretch out into an hour.
May you make reality the dreams of an luxurious, long shower.

May all the moving parts come together as one cohesive, beautiful piece of art.
May nothing fall to the ground,  though you feel you're juggling in the dark.

May positivity surround you and keep negativity at bay.
May it, in the end, everything, all of it, simply be okay.

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