Saturday, April 6, 2013

So The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Wasn't Even A Train! Yay!


Well,  it's been a long battle, but all of the phone calls, doing research, pitching, convincing, doing more research,  taking classes, meetings, losing sleep, frazzled nerves, picking brains, business plan making, contract revising, and bouts of frustration finally paid off!

We picked up the final papers from our financier, took them directly to the lawyer and signed them. We now have the final result of the loooooonnnnnnggg awaited environmental study and we are in the clear. This is something that coffee row told us a long time ago, but they apparently need more official documentation. Could have saved a lot of time and money, if they would have just taken our word for it, but, what are ya gonna do?

So, this past week has been pretty eventful, and the weeks ahead are sure to be just as much so. But, at least now, it all has a tangible purpose. We will take possession of the shop within the next few days, and we will open April 22.

I have no delusions that the hardest part of starting a business is over and done. We are very aware of the hard work that lies ahead. We are no strangers to hard work, it's just been that up to now, our hard work has always put a pretty healthy lining in our employers pockets. This is the first time our crazy work ethic will actually work truly in our favour.

We were told by both groups of financiers that if it was based on the numbers alone, we wouldn't have qualified. The business we are starting doesn't really have a predecessor. We are one of only two RV service shops independent of  dealerships in the province. And the other guy only does it part-time from his acreage.  It's new ground. 

We were told they were willing to take the chance because we are survivors, we always have done, and continue to do whatever it takes to make things happen.

It's funny, throughout our life together, we've learned to adapt on a dime, been slapped with roadblocks, hit with illness, job loss, injury, floods, and things that, when they happen, all you can do is sit back and think, really? Like we don't have enough to handle?

We never really took the time to examine or even really look at it. We just did. I guess, that's a quality that people are willing to have faith in. Who knew that someday, it would provide the tipping point on building something like this?

We are incredibly grateful.

Oh, did I mention we were also booked for a couple of dj/karaoke shows. One for May 4th and one for August 3.

So in the upcoming few days.................

Sunday evening and Monday will be spent picking up our counters in Unity........(gonna take a couple of trips)

Tuesday..................with any luck, get the heat and water hooked up at the shop, email  wedding questionnaire to upcoming bride (djing their reception in June)

Wednesday...... Get the shop phone lines and wifi hooked up

Thursday....start scrubbing and painting

Friday.......continue scrubbing and painting and probably receive our first order of stock

Saturday.......see Thursday

Well guys, that about does it for this week....

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.......

May you witness the fruits of your labours falling bountifully at your feet.
May every piece be glorious, fully ripe, with a taste so simply sweet.

May every step you take bring you closer to the dreams you wish fulfilled.
May you realize the path to those dreams rarely runs straight, is often bumpy and chilled.

May you work as hard to realize your dreams as you would, that of your child.
May you see the value of that example, that you consider yourself worthwhile.

May you take the time to absorb the scenery along the way, dark as it sometimes may be.
May you soak in the entire journey, for every mile taken, earned, has set your soul free.

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