Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Has Sprung! Yeah.....No...


It saddens me to tell you that this is the view from my little writing nook, as of about 10 minutes ago, and for the last 6 months.  It seems that Mother Nature has fallen asleep at the wheel and forgot to take the last couple of exits onto the Spring off ramp. Something tells me that maybe a sobriety test may be in order.

Although this winter has overstayed it's welcome about as much as a "fragrance sample engineer" with a twitchy finger who doesn't know when her shift ends, and follows you home, it is what it is.
Looking at the bright side it has, and is buying us a little time with the shop. The timing should be pretty good. By our opening day, people just might be able to get their RV's out of the snowbanks in their yards!

So, this past week..........

Found out that the "little angel" I told you about a few weeks ago is doing fantastic! He is about to part take in his baby shower this weekend!

We picked up our counters and got them into the shop.

This is when we unfortunately found out that our hopes of getting the heat,water, and electrician in to do their work would have to wait, as the previous owner was not able to get his stuff out as soon as planned. (Weather hindrances!)

We were able to go and pick our sign and Hubby was able to assemble it here at home. It looks awesome! Thanks Amanda! It is pretty heavy and is going to pose a challenge when it comes to mounting it to the post, but I'm sure we will figure it out.

We received a call from a customer and he is bringing his trailer in on Tuesday. We aren't officially open until the 22nd, but he's leaving and won't be back for 10 days, and he need it fixed. We'll figure it out.

Needless to say, with no water or heat, we were not able to get the jump on the scrubbing and painting we had hoped to. It's going to be a loooooonnnnngggg week!

Also, because of the delay, I had to postpone our stock shipment until Monday. So our stuff isn't going to be getting here until Wednesday. Gonna be a bit of a scramble to try and get everything ready for the 22nd. Might have to take an airbed to the shop camp out for the week! (I wish that was entirely a joke!)

And as an added bonus, I woke up, yesterday with some flu bug thing that knocked me on my butt for the entire day! Yeah, that was handy.

Anyway, today is a lot better, back to my laundry doing, roast cooking, email returning self.  so grateful it was just a short, whatever it was.

So for the upcoming week..........

Tomorrow........have a date with my second eldest daughter for dinner and then Oprah! so looking forward to it!

Monday......Meet plumber and electrician at the shop and get them set up. Clean up the store portion of the shop and get the counters set up. Run back home to pick up IT person so she can come and set up computer/cash register/accounting stuff. Learn what she needs to teach me, get the bathroom functional, clean out our "lunch room", buy microwave, mini-fridge, coffee maker, and toaster, that will constitute our "kitchen". Get IT girl back home. customer at the shop, continue to scrub, build benches, paint etc....

Wednesday.......receive our first shipments of stock! Yay!

Thursday......figure out and fix any mistakes made receiving aforementioned stock, continue painting and cleaning.

Friday......see Thursday

Saturday.......head to North Battleford for trade show(cross your fingers that my copies of Lexi and Crazy don't run out!) and great time with some dear friends!

Well folks, that about does it for me for this week, until next time I'll leave you with this wish.........

May the warm breath of Spring be felt upon your cheeks, the gentle fragrance of her blossoms tickle your nose.
May the fragile blades of infant grass break through with abandon, and caress your long awaiting toes.

May the heat of the sun reach the earth, where you are, just enough to put a kiss on your skin.
May you feel deeply the rejuvenation, the regeneration, of your own Spring, within.

May everything cold and bitter give way to all that is light, breezy and bright.
May you gather the sunshine to you closely, and hang on with all your might.

Until next week!

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