Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hi Folks!

Well, I'm kinda blogging on the fly today. We just got home from the trade show, (it only went until 2 instead of 4 like I thought! Lucky break!) and now are getting ready to head off to Denzil to do a Karaoke show.

It's been a busy week, more trailers booked in to be fixed, sold some parts, received some of our back ordered stock, and had a great surprise!

A very nice lady stopped into the shop to ask for some copies of "Everyday Wishes For Your Extraordinary Life". She needed three copies and then came by the next day for 2 more. Apparently it is a big hit at her place of work, for daughters and friends, and as a Mother's Day gift! She even asked if they could quote the book in their newsletter! Too cool!

I also need to thank every single one of you for your continued support, accompanying me on this crazy trail. I say trail rather than path, because in my mind's eye a path is manicured, with flowers flanking either side and birds singing in the distance. I say trail because in my mind's eye a trail has rough spots, curves, bumps and gopher holes,  and it's not always so clear where it leads, or starts and stops, for that matter.

Yep, a trail.

The flowers in the pic above were a gift from my hubby, one of those "just because I thought you might like these" kind of present. I love those! They are so full of Spring, it's hard not to feel all summery when you look at them!

Anyway, the trade show today was pretty good. I'm down to my last 5 copies of "Lexi." Yikes! I better get the next book finished so Lexi can ride with it on the way home. That way I only have to pay shipping once! Gotta save pennies where you can!

I apologize if these ramblings seem a bit more rambly than usual, my thoughts are a bit scattered today.

So for the upcoming week.......

Well, tonight, as I mentioned earlier, we have a shoe to do in Denzil...

Continue to plug away at my book keeping set up at the shop, it's a whole new world doing it with so little paper, and I have to confess to making some paper copies of certain things. I'm in the process of figuring out which categories in the program really are relevant to our business, which ones to use, which ones to leave alone. It's a work in progress, but progress all the same.

Also, this week, I'm really hoping to get a bit of time to work on the next book...but it may have to wait until after our Grand Opening. (May 17th, if you are in the neighbourhood)

Start prepping for the Grand Opening. I have cupcakes booked, will be serving coffee and juice....trying to come up with a few more things.

Well, I better run...

Until next time I'll leave you with this wish.................

May every mud splash, on every pair of school pants that comes through your door, be small.
May the grins that accompany them be broad and full of mischief, because they had a ball.

May you see past the extra laundry, and added hours of housework this awful mud tends to bring.
May you remember, instead, the fun you had back in the day, jumping puddles, every Spring.

May you not call them away, discouraging the splash, hindering the inevitable plop!
May you, instead, throw on your boots, or kick them off, and join in the glorious slop!

Until next week!

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