Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Grand" Success!


Well folks, it's been quite a week.  We were able to help out some very nice people who were having some not very nice issues with their trailers and top the week off with what we thought was a pretty dang good grand opening of our shop!

I would have posted some pictures, but I forgot the camera at work, so I couldn't. Maybe next week.

It really was pretty great. Some family and friends were able to come, which always makes a special occasion just that much more special. We also had a bunch of people from the community, people who are already customers, and a lot more who plan on becoming future ones.

When the dust settled, and everyone had left, it was pretty incredible to take a minute and let it sink in a bit. We are so grateful for the support and encouragement from everyone around us. It's hard to explain the feeling of having so many people in your corner wishing you nothing but success.

We know that the road ahead will have some curves, bumps and unexpected pot holes, but that's ok. We've seen those before, and they haven't stopped us. We also know that the good will far outweigh the bad, it always does.

To celebrate, tonight we went to a movie. It depicted the journey Jackie Robinson took during his first season in major league baseball. He had people directly and completely working against him with fervent determination and he still made it.

That movie was a showcase of how far we've come as a society, and I feel equally, an example of how far we have yet to go. Someday, hopefully in my lifetime, the discussion about accepting everyone, celebrating our differences, and living in a society where the "isms" of racism, sexism, ageism, are a distant memory. Hopefully we will soon get to a time where bullying is something children are shocked and outraged to read about in history books as we were when learning about the "white only" signs that peppered our landscape years ago.

Maybe soon, we can stop teaching our children "tolerance."  "Tolerance." A horrible word. No one wants to be "tolerated."  We need to teach our kids acceptance. Period.

Wow, sorry about that. I guess that movie got my blood boiling a little more than I thought. It just breaks my heart that anyone would have to have that kind of hateful garbage thrown at them. It breaks it even further to know that although the movie took place in 1947, if you changed the names flung, and tweaked the reasons behind it, it could have easily been set in 2013.

Yep, a long way to go.

Soooooo, for the following week.........................

Between tomorrow and next weekend, we will be bringing in , repairing, and sending home 6 different trailers ranging from a luxury camper to a horse trailer.

Squeeze some grandbabies..........

Get caught up on book keeping........

Get to work on next book now that grand opening is over.......

Prep for reading in Lloydminster on the 27th........(yay!)

Get to work on music for an upcoming wedding we are doing.....

Oh yeah....laundry, housework and all of that other glamorous business.....

So that's about it for this week....until next time I'll leave you with this wish.......

May your soul never be brushed by the judgemental eyes of another, making you feel small.
May you, if this happens, feel the strength and courage from all who love you, feel it all.

May you, in the presence of hate, take a stand, even if it means you stand alone.
May you recognize it on sight, for it's not always blatant, it can be as subtle as a whisper or a tone.

May you make conscious efforts to be kind, share a smile, lend a hand, open a door.
May we lead by example, so those who follow, continue to fight for a kinder world, ever doing more.

Until next time......

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