Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!!!!


I just thought I'd give you an idea of the view from our shop this week! Needless to say it was a bit busy.

Now, just to be clear, they weren't ALL customers. They were, however,  participants in the Good Sam Samboree hosted in Rosetown, this week.

The folks taking part did provide a fair amount of  traffic to our shop, in both the retail and service. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of very nice people, with some pretty great camping stories to tell.

Besides the influx from the Samboree, and the trailers we had booked in, we also had some customers that landed on our doorstep from some unlikely happenstance.

First there was the young couple from Calgary, and their chocolate lab, Doug. They blew a tire, just outside of town, and after having a new tire put on, discovered water leaking from beneath their camper. They pulled up and asked if we might be able to take a look. I told them we could, if they were willing to wait for a bit.

You see, also that day, besides the two trailers we had booked in, we received a phone call from a man in St. Walburg. A town about 3.5 hours North of us. He and his wife were hoping to embark on a much anticipated, long awaited trip to Alaska, to witness it's most spectacular summer solstice. He had tried the dealers in his area and was turned down by all. One had agreed to take care of him, and then after he drove the 1.5 hours to get there, told him they couldn't do it.

He got our name from one of the dealers in the city, and gave us a call. When we told him to come on down, he was a bit apprehensive. "Are you going to fix it when I get there, or just look at it, and send me on my way?" After some reassurances, he made his way to us.  Randy was about an hour into finding out why the slide in his brand new camper would work one minute and not the next, when the Calgary couple showed up.

Well a long story short, Randy discovered that in the process of manufacturing this man's camper, the worker had driven a screw right through the drive of the slide. Yeah. Once diagnosed, the guy drove to get his own parts, with plans to return in the morning.

Once he was on his way, we moved on to the couple from Calgary, and Doug. After two more hours of replacing and repairing both plumbing and the underbelly of their camper, they then proceeded to their destination, no longer having to worry about how they were going to try to figure out how to fix it.

After everyone was on their way, and the time reading about 8:30pm (having started at 8am) we were now able to go to work on the jobs that had actually been planned for that day.

The next morning, the Alaskan bound man promptly showed up with his new slide motor, which Randy wrestled into place, and got his camper working as it should. This guy was so relieved, and so happy that he and his wife wouldn't have to cancel their trip.

What an awesome feeling it is to see relief in the eyes of your customers as the stress melts away.

To top off an incredible week, we had the pleasure of providing the music for a great wedding tonight.....or....this morning (it's 4:15am as I'm writing this)

Soooooo, for the upcoming week.

We are fully booked at the shop, and gratefully, so.

More planning and preparation for the get together of my sibs and kids, will also be in order.

Shopping for said festivities will need to happen at some point...

I need to see about getting my laptop looked's starting to do weird things.

Some sleep would be cool.

Well that about does it for me........

In honor of Father's Day, I'll leave you with this wish.......

May you be the man you'd want your son to be, the kind of man you'd want your daughter to marry.
May you see the honor in the sacrifice it takes, the privilege in the load you may carry.

May you know the joy of a child's smile, a smile put there by your time and attention.
May you see the importance of that time spent, for it'll speed by faster than I can mention.

May you bestow the very best of yourself upon them, carrying your regrets is not their load to bear.
May you insure every mark you put on their soul is positive, placed gently with love and care.

Until next time.....

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