Sunday, June 30, 2013

Building Memories!

Sorry I'm Late!

Wow, what an incredible week and weekend!

It was another wonderfully busy week at the shop, we had another 6 trailers come through with smiling owners as they left the building.  It's such an incredible feeling to know that in our very small way, we are helping families make memories.

How was that for a clever segue?

Speaking of family memories....

Our week was topped off by finding out our newest grandbaby, who will be making their appearance in mid October, is a girl! It will be so fun, we haven't had an excuse to "put on the pink" for quite a while!

Then, as my daughter was so kind as to cover for me at the shop, I was able to attend our niece's high school graduation. She is such a sweet girl with a beautiful soul, so beautiful and bright, there will be nothing she can't do.

The following morning, marked the beginning of a great day. One that began with a few timid introductions to some new faces, but blossomed into an event, I think lived up to the moniker bestowed upon it by yours truly, "Sibfest 2013."

There were, of course some activities that were competitive in nature, as is the nature of our family beast. There were also a few cocktails, a ton of laughs, some dancing, some karaoke, and more than anything, memories built for a lifetime.

There were a few faces missing, some simply couldn't come because of other commitments, but a couple of others, because, well, because they've been gone for a while.

Our Dad would have loved yesterday. I could see his laughing blue eyes, with tongue firmly placed in his cheek, as his kids and grandkids gave each other a hard time during the games. He would have loved the laughter, the sunshine, the music and the dancing. Every time I hear a polka, I am sent back to when I'm twelve, and my Dad is twirling me around the dance floor so fast, my feet take flight. I hang on tight and look up, to those laughing blue eyes, tongue firmly in his cheek. Building funfilled memories.

Our sister Char would have loved yesterday. She would have been commenting on every shot taken, coaching as only Char knew how. She would have loved having water fights with the little ones, and watching her boys be men. She would have loved the singing. You know, there are still some songs I simply can't sing around my family, because it hurts too much not to sing them with her. Building heartfelt memories.

We might not have been able to hear Char holler from the cheap seats, or see Dad make the wee ones giggle, but that doesn't mean they weren't doing it, just the same.

Time is moving at a ridiculous pace. We need to take these days and sit in them, soak them in, let the memories take a stronghold on our hearts, so we can pass on the importance of family to the generations to come. Building memories to last lifetimes.

Now, as for the following week, being this weekend is Canada Day weekend, I think I might rest a bit tomorrow, relax, and try to do a whole lot of nothin'.

Monday, being said long weekend, maybe more of the same......

Tuesday, and for the rest of the week, we are back at the shop, doing our small part in helping other families build memories of their own.

Well folks, that about does it for this week, until next time I'll leave you with this wish.........

May you make opportunities to connect with the ones that have had a hand in who you are.
May you create time to spend with the ones who care the most about you, by far.

May you share and re-share family stories with even the youngest of your wee ones.
May you see the importance in this, without them, history gets lost, roots weakened.

May you see the advantage of a strong family tree, deep roots and strong branches.
May you witness the confidence that this can bring, unconditional love, willingness to take chances.

May you see that the oldest, healthiest trees survive by adapting, embracing, changing with the seasons.
May you see your tree is perfect, wild branches, sap and all, for it's own special reasons.

Until next time!
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