Sunday, August 11, 2013

Little Boy Grins On Not So Little Boy Faces!

Okay we are going to open this week's ramblings with a little quiz. One of the photos above was taken during our little get away weekend and the other two were taken this evening as we were doing a service call. I'll leave it up to you to guess which ones belong where.
Well folks, it's been another nutty week! Lots of people needed a hand to get on their holidays, I committed to taking part in the Harvest Festival(more about that later), had a "Wishes" fan show up at the shop to buy a copy for her good friend's birthday gift,(always a thrill!), had my website go down (again), and got to see the eyes of a 50+ gentleman light up like the sky during a prairie sunset on two separate occasions.
One gentleman came through with his son and grandson, on their way to a tractor pull in Alberta. A tractor pull in which Grandpa is the one participating and Son and Grandson are the helpers, I might add. Yep, they came through with not a light working on the flatbed they use to haul their something, something, John Deere, shiny, something boosted, green, something wired open, pretty little tractor. After Randy took a look, he discovered the home of some unwanted pets living where the wiring for the lights should have been. So after a few laughs, fishing wire through small openings, and a few choice words for some mice, they were on their way to make it to the competition on time! Lit up like a Christmas tree!
Gentleman number two, came to pick up his trailer today, after we'd had it for well over a week. One of the reasons it took so long was because of the choruses of "could you just have a quick look" that were coming in quite a bit in the last while, which is what we love to see, but that, combined with the fact that his "simple" fridge replacement also turned into a complete tear down and rebuild of most of his kitchen cabinets. You see, this cowboy (not being sarcastic, he is a REAL cowboy) had modified his horse trailer to include living quarters. In doing so, had installed a fridge. All went swimmingly well until said fridge died. Now, because it was an older fridge, that exact model was discontinued, and the replacement model was a bit bigger. Now, because everything in this trailer is custom, the wiggle room usually available to accommodate for such things was not available with this one. This results in a small job turning into a big job, that takes a while. The owner had been in a few days ago, when everything looked like a complete mess, and left looking a bit apprehensive. He was downright giggly when he left with his trailer in tow this morning, lit right up!
The cherry on the top of the week had to be this evening. We went on a service call after closing the shop at 5 and drove South for about an hour to a Provincial park. There, we met up with Faye, a lady we had had several conversations with over the course of the last couple of weeks. She and her husband own a brand new trailer, and the control panel that is basically the command center that turns everything on and off, opens and closes slides, runs the electric awning, monitors tanks etc., quit working. We made some calls, and discovered that there was a manufacturing glitch that was about a minute away from a recall. We suggested she call her dealer, get permission for us to fix it, and we'd be more than happy to do so. After an hour and a half of electrical surgery, we left some very happy people.
It's pretty fun being in a business where your soul purpose is to help people have fun.
Speaking of which, when we got home, I checked our messages, and it looks like we will be doing a show in Luseland in a couple of weeks. It was a blast last time, looking forward to it!
As for the upcoming week,
Tomorrow, I believe, I might just get my long awaited "Mother's Day bath of luxury". (better late than never!)
With any luck, this week will also involve bringing a few more little boy grins to some not so little boy faces.
Look at some crafty things on Pintrest and be a little sad that I have absolutely no aptitude for such things.
Do some laundry, clean a couple of bathrooms,  and scare some dust bunnies out of their comfy spots.(Not necessarily in that order)
Well folks, that about does it for this time around,
In honor of my eldest daughter turning 27 tomorrow, I will leave you with this wish......
May you, as you look in the mirror, see a reflection of courage, strength, and a beauty that lights from your soul.
May you celebrate everything you are, everything you've done, everything you, your ups, your downs, your whole.
May you understand where you stand is still only the tip of the iceberg of your capabilities, so many more talents lie beneath the surface.
May you trust they will show themselves as you need them, surprising you with their depth, their ideal purpose.
May you remember to be grateful, everyday, for all of the blessings in your life.
May you keep in mind, after the smoke clears, these blessings call you their daughter, their sister, their Mommy, their wife.
Until next time!
(top one is the get away!)

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