Saturday, August 3, 2013

Riverbanks, Rum - Yep, Some R&R!

Hi folks!

Here's a peek at where we are spending our Long Weekend! It's gorgeous and only 20 minutes from home!

I'm afraid I'm kinda jotting these ramblings on the fly a bit today, we stopped off at home to load equipment to go do a show tonight (I'll try and get some pics for next week), then dive right back in to our feet up, beverage in hand, beach walking weekend.

Our first night was pretty good. We weren't able to get out of the shop as early as we had hoped, so things were a bit rushed when we got home to pack up for camping. Yep, we forgot a few things in the flurry of activity. Ummm, things like lawn chairs, a hatchet for fire wood, oh, kindling is usually a good idea, lighter fluid, chemical for the toilet, you know the things that make camping enjoyable, in general.

Can you say ironic? Yep, own an RV accessories store, and help people everyday to get what they need for their trips.........yeah.

But, today we had a fine brunch of bacon and eggs, thanks to my honey, and are now getting ready to do our show. It ought to be pretty awesome, a small group of fun people always spells a good time.

Tomorrow, my friends, will include a ton of sitting on my butt, reading something brainless, partaking in a couple of rum based cocktails, and walking hand in hand with my best friend on a sandy, sunny riverbank. You might say I'm looking forward to it.

Life is good. It's not always easy, and things rarely go according to the plans we so carefully lay out. But, we usually end up in a better place because they didn't.

On the book front, well, slowly, but surely, I'm getting to a point where I think I will again be able to work on the next one. I'm looking forward to putting time into it again. And, if I'm being honest, even though I'm truly enjoying working at our shop, I miss it. I miss visiting those crazy places, only I can see, where the trickle of an idea can turn into a waterfall of a story if given half a chance. It's where anything is possible and silliness is King. It's where I like to go, and the longer I stay, the louder I can hear the muchkins giggle. People like to talk about getting into the "zone." This is my zone when I get to write for kids.

I hope to go back soon.

Well, folks that about does it for this week, time to go and sing for my supper! Lol

Until next time!

May you savor the laughter, soak in the relaxation, permit yourself to breathe.
May you allow the peace to hug you, leaving stress and negativity behind to seethe.

May the company of good people lift you when you're spirit has lost some shine.
May they, with their comfortable presence, leave you feeling divine.

May you find and visit your happy place, your inner peace, your place of personal zen.
May find it, own it, and visit it whenever you can.

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Thanks for taking the time to read these ramblings. I am forever grateful for your support!

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