Sunday, September 15, 2013

Smackin' Stupid and Takin' Names!


You know........sometimes there are days when you just wanna smack the stupid off of some people.

Now, please do not assume that I am referring to intelligence in the traditional sense of the word.

 No, this is a special kind of stupid reserved for those who get drunk and/or high and leave their toddler strapped in a car seat in a car on a hot summer's day until they become another statistic at the hands of stupid.

No, this is reserved for the special kind of stupid that somehow justifies within their own head that it is perfectly ok to sexually assault another human being simply for having the audacity to walk alone.

No, this is reserved for the special kind of stupid that mistakes cruelty for love and regards bruises and broken spirits as trophies and ego strokes.

No, this is reserved for the special kind of stupid that thinks it's humorous to feed animals weed, or force alcohol down their throats.

Sometimes, there are days when you just wanna smack the stupid off of some people.

But we can't.....not really. So, we rely on our justice system, flawed though it may be, to bring the "special kind of stupid" to justice.

As for the rest of us?  We are left with watching the news in frustration, sharing photos of missing kids and wanted fugitives on facebook, and maybe, just maybe making a difference.

Maybe, if for every horrible example of the special kind of stupid we witness, we perform two random acts of kindness, we can take a swing at the stupid, and smack some of it off.

Just sayin'.............................

Well, that was pretty dark......I guess I over-watched/listened to the news this week.  I like to know what's going on in the world around me, but man, would it be too much too ask to have a few more "good news" items?

I would love a news channel, or at least a broadcast devoted to good news....and I don't think entertainment news should count.........hey, Oprah, are ya listening?

Just sayin'

Moving right along.........

This week was again busy at the shop. It really isn't showing any signs of slowing down (which is awesome!!!)

I've also been working on the music etc. for my brother's wedding, which is coming up very soon.

The insulation and steal siding project for our shop started mid-week. It's a cinder block building; attaching wood, insulation, and siding are not the quietest activities. Not even close. It definitely made answering phones and having conversations interesting, to say the least.

As for the next few days?

We have 6 units scheduled to come in, we are waiting for parts to finish up three more, and some insurance claimants that will need a hand to get assessed, all the i's dotted and t's crossed so the repairs can begin.

Hopefully finish the music prep for my brother's wedding and make more progress on the music for a wedding the week after that.

That, along with some grandbaby squeezes should keep me out of least most of the time.

Well, my friends, I thank you again for taking the time to read these ramblings. From Malaysia to Ireland, from South Korea to right here at home, and everywhere in between, I sincerely thank you.

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish..........................

May every kindness be bestowed you, for you deserve every angel's kiss.
May you settle for nothing less, my greatest wish is this.

May you fear not the repercussions involvement may bring.
May you stand tall, and speak loudly, let your voice ring.

May those who are powerless find freedom in your willingness to intercede.
May you find the courage to step where necessary, for courage you will need.

May you give kindness generously, without hesitation, to every soul you meet.
May that kindness take hold and spread to every soul on every street.

Until next time............

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