Saturday, September 28, 2013

Word On The Street and Friday Night Lights!


These pics were taken at the "Word on the Street" festival in Saskatoon last Sunday. The day started out a bit sketchy, trying to rain and getting a bit windy. Mother Nature did eventually take pity on us and gave us some sun and temperatures warm enough to make me ditch my jacket.

It was a pretty awesome day. As I looked around at all of the booths housing different authors and artists from many different genres, I had to, again, take a second to realize that I was being included in this group. Still seems a bit crazy to me. I'm just me, after all.

The rest of the week seemed to fly by with a couple of trips to the city, fixing some trailers and then taking part in Delisle's Culture Day. I had a great time hanging out with some fellow writers, and some munchkin type people.

After returning from Delisle, I finished up the work day at the shop and then took the trek about 3 blocks South to the high school to watch my nephews' football team take on our local squad. It was so nice to sit in the stands with my brothers and their families watching the action as the sun went down, the lights came on, and the temperature dropped.

Any delusions of Summer hanging around for a while longer were shot down, big time.

It was a good game, though.

The week was officially topped off with a service call close to home. A family living in a camper with a 14 month old  and no furnace is a great reason to give up your Saturday night. Two hours later, we left them snug as a bug, the wee one snuggled in for the night.

A very nice way to end the week.

So, tomorrow brings with it some laundry, house cleaning, watching some football, and putting the finishing touches on the music for the wedding next weekend.

The rest of the week? Trailers, trailers, and more trailers! Life at Integrity RV Service is still running at full throttle. It's AWESOME!

It's amazing the pace at which life moves. Losing loved ones, welcoming new additions, changing careers, changing where you live, changing not only the path you thought you wanted to follow, but how you are going to get there. As we grow and change, so do our priorities, as they should. If they didn't, we'd all be voluntarily giving up sleep to watch Saturday morning cartoons. (Ok maybe some priorities don't completely change)

Well, that about does it for this week. For those of you who choose the path less travelled, I'll leave you with this wish.

May your path be crystal clear, for you, for others need not have a hand in the navigation.
May your first steps be sure, and only gather strength, bringing confident elation.

May you see your destination not through a tunnel, but as a panoramic view with endless, delightful distractions.
May you see these distractions for what they are, possibilities, opportunities, chances to learn from our actions and reactions.

May you arrive at your desired destination only to realize it was but a step in the journey you were truly meant to take.
May you then, with courage, take the next step, then the next, leaving obscene amounts of joy in your wake.

May you continue this delightful travel, through both the warm and the cold.
May you see in doing so, you will witness a most extraordinary life unfold.

Until next week!

Thank you!

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