Sunday, September 8, 2013

Campfires...Foliage & Chaos!

A warm and toasty campfire, some beautiful Autumn foliage, and what can only be described as some weird Disney version of  a Hitchcock movie.

These are but a few of the images captured on our final camping trip of the season. why am I choosing to share these particular shots?

Now, if I were to probe deeply into the psychology of these choices, I would probably say I picked them because they represent my life, as it is now, in a very real way. I would probably say I subconsciously chose these images because they represent contentment, adaptability and chaos.
I would probably say my subconscious chose these photos as a grouping because I am trying to find a way to make these conflicting pieces of my life come together in a peaceful harmonious way.


I might just like campfires, Autumn leaves, and freaky bird pictures.

Well folks, this week was another crazy one.

I have a reluctant, but seemingly perpetual, relationship with the people from whom I subscribe my merchant services. The relationship consists of me calling to let them know my pinpad isn't working right, me being put on hold for the "estimated wait time of 8 minutes", which is always closer to 45, then me being put on the phone with someone who speaks fluent computereeze. Now, just so we are clear, if I went on vacation in a country where the only language was computereeze, I would feel like I was listening to direction from the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons. I would end up with no hotel room, never get to order food and needless to say, never see the inside of a bathroom. My travel agent's days would be numbered.

I really would like to break up with them.....these "technical support" people. 

With any luck, this week will bring forth my prince or princess charming who will be the one to ride in on their mighty satellite information bouncer thingy, and fix my crap. And then, I'll break up with a text.......because I don't want to be drawn into another conversation spoken in computereeze.......ever........then maybe I'll pull a Taylor Swift and write a song about it.

So, I've told you guys that I have some book events coming up...the Word on the Street Festival, Culture Days, trade shows etc. .....I also was telling you about how I'm running out of copies of "Lexi" and "Crazy". .....Well, I thought my printer guys were on holidays, so I had been waiting for their return to put the order turns out I waited a bit too long. After being told I wouldn't have books until after two of my events, I was feeling a bit panicked, to say the least. I was trying to figure out how I was going to handle this. I emailed Production printer guy and asked if he knew of anyone closer to me who might be able to help me out, he said no he didn't but he would pass the email on to Head printer guy. Very shortly after receiving that email, I received another from Head printer guy, saying that some space had been freed up and I would most assuredly have my copies in time for my first event!

I wish Head printer guy knew how to fix pinpads..........

The rest of the work week included three broken finger nails, (all falling victim to one trailer) meeting more new people, and sending more happy customers on their camping way.

And was haircut day!!!!!!

After working at the shop, it was off to the city for a hair cut! It's now barely touching my shoulders, even after being straightened, and I now have a head of locks with an chestnut/auburn hue! (With some strategically placed foils, so my wisdom highlights don't come in screaming like a newborn baby)
It was time for something a little different. Change is good. Sometimes, change is fantastic! Thank you Courtney!

So, for the upcoming week...........

We will be up to our eyebrows in trailers...,which is always good.

I will have to face my nail tech.........I feel bad when I destroy her work.

Get busy putting music together for a wedding Oct 5th....

Oh yeah......and flip my new hair around like Farrah Faucet in 1978!

Until next time I'll leave you with this wish..........

May you have a reason to smile every day, if you don't have one, make one.
May you find a reason to giggle, or snort or chortle, to be silly, have fun.

May you live by the philosophy of not taking life too seriously, for laughter makes you thrive.
May you see the logic in one wise man's truthful wisdom for "no one gets out alive".

May you see the value in a good time, chatting, a round table discussion of "used to do's"
May you take the time, hear the story, tell a few, there's a wealth to gain and nothing to lose.

Thank you for taking the time for reading these ramblings. It floors me every week to see readers, the world over, are taking a peek.

Thank you.

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