Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Turkey Day, Fellow Canucks!


These photos are part of a bunch I took on the way home from my brother's wedding, last weekend. This is part of why I love living where I live.

This weekend is Thanksgiving, here in Canada, and I can honestly say the countryside I get to claim as my backyard makes me very thankful. It's big, it's beautiful, with room to run, room to breathe.

Honestly, the list of what I'm thankful for goes far beyond what I can even write.

I don't live in a fancy house or drive a fancy car. I've never been on a vacation that lasted more than three days. I don't have a brimming bank account or a portfolio of investments.

I have a home. One that echoes the joyous sound of children's laughter. One that has marks on the walls, and knicks in the furniture. One that tells the story of a family that lived very real lives. It houses the memories of tears shed from heartbreak, the mews of smuggled kittens, countless hours of homework, and a four year old's dream of putting together a "cricket circus." It holds the memories of snuggled naps, movie nights and sleepovers. I have a home.

I have a car. We have had a lot of cars. Ones that held two car seats at a time. Ones that were able to handle the "are we there yets." Ones that carry the memories of the Barbie Broadway reviews that would take place the headrest of my seat to keep the kids entertained on the 20 song, 9 corner drive to Grandma's house. I have a car.

I have vacations. I have vacations between the covers of a book, between the opening and ending credits of a movie. I have vacations behind the door of my candlelit  bathroom as I soak my cares away. I have vacations.

I have a bank account. A bank account that was taxed to it's limits. One that was made to stretch one dollar into twenty, more often than not. One that had to choose between electric bills and groceries, because both weren't an option that month. One that provided full tummies and warm beds to four carefree little girls. I have a bank account.

I have a portfolio of investments. I put everything I had into our marriage in July of 1987. This investment has been maturing and growing stronger ever since. I invested my entire adult life into being a Mom. An investment that will be paying dividends long after I am gone. I have a portfolio of investments.

Life is good.

This week was another crazy one.

They actually finally caught that horrible man I was telling you about last week. He had gotten across the border to the US. Where, now they is some kind of problem in arresting him!
 Something to do with paperwork. Seriously?!?!?! Neighbours to the South, you do not want this guy roaming your streets!

I hope they get that straightened out very soon!

My brother's wedding, on the other hand, was a blast. It was so good to see everybody.

The week at the shop was hectic, as usual. Awesome!

Today was  a tradeshow in Rosetown as part of the Harvest Fesitval.

Tomorrow, we have a wedding for which we are providing the music.

So, that about does it for me, for now. Happy Thanksgiving!

May your turkey be tender, and your cranberries perfectly tart.
May your pumpkin pie be beautifully spicy, the pastry, a piece of art.

May those that surround your table be full of jovial stories, making conversation an effortless flow.
May you make the most of these occasions, to help your memory bank grow.

May you have a most awesome turkey induced nap, as you lay down your turkey stuffing, pie making weary little head.
May you awaken refreshed, renewed, with enough energy to carry yourself to bed.

Until next time!

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