Saturday, October 26, 2013

Here's To Beautiful Babies and Bountiful Booties!


As I warned you last week, here are a couple of pics of the newest addition to our ever growing family. Aaaaaannnnndddd one of her very adorable, completely excited big brother.

Pretty dang sweet, right?

Well folks, this week was one that involved a couple of emergency type trailer fixes, some not-so-emergency fixes and bookkeeping paperwork.

Now, there were also some covert baby snuggles worked in here and there, a Library board meeting, some Grandma snacks for the older of the grandbabies, and a little impromptu rehearsing in the shop.( acoustics are pretty nice!) Just in case you were thinking that this was a week of all work and no play, I didn't want to give you the wrong impression.

Also, this week, I began the preliminary snooping for a new stove/oven/range, whichever term you prefer. I'm trying not to get too excited, because we aren't sure whether or not we will be able to afford it quite yet, but I have begun the snooping process!

The stove I had, up until last year about this time, was my hubby's Grandma's. It was 3 years old when we bought it from her in 1992. It owed me nothing.

It was temperamental, the oven picking the temperature it would choose to bake things, overcooking whatever was in the rear, undercooking what was situated in the forefront. This required a bit of extra baking skill.

Our youngest daughter, in her home ec class a few years ago, was giggled at for rotating cookies in the oven half way through the baking process. She thought you had to do that with all ovens! Imagine her surprise! lol

Then, last year, we noticed our neighbours across the street were putting a new stove in their kitchen! What luck! Hers was just as old as mine, but the oven behaved itself pretty well. She did warn me, however, that a couple of the burners seemed to have an attitude problem.

Well, now, a year later, the attitude problems have turned into a disorder of some kind, and the oven is beginning to develop the same issues as my old one.

I'm really hoping that the finance fairies give a  hand, otherwise Christmas baking is going to have to go the way it did a couple of years ago. It was more like Christmas anythingyoucouldmakewithoutactuallybaking baking.

I know, first world problems, or what.

I mean, if not having a new stove is my biggest issue, I am a very lucky person, indeed.

Now for the upcoming week....

Tonight, after work we head off to Luseland to do a Halloween karaoke show, and along the way make a quick-stop, service call.

Tomorrow, on our way home, we will be stopping in to see our new grandbaby, for her first, unhurried snuggles from Grandma and Grandpa.

The rest of the week will consist of installing a cooling unit in a fridge, the reinstalling of said fridge into it's trailer, repairing a roof, repairing or replacing, skylights, showers, countertops, parts ordering and organizing, month end bookkeeping, HALLOWEEN!, some trailer detailing, and a bit of negotiating with insurance people.

Then, next weekend, our plans consist of a lot of nothing. It will be the first time in about 8 months that we will be spending 2 entire days at home without going anywhere. No karaoke show, weddings, or tradeshows. And starting next weekend we will be closing the shop on weekends. If need be, we can still go over and work, but we won't be officially open.

I'm really hoping to be able to use the time to finish off my next book and get it ready to go by my birthday. That's my goal. Here's hopin'!

Sooooo, that about does it for me, for this week.

With Halloween coming up, I'll leave you with this wish.

May your costume ideas be brilliant, their execution, second to none.
May they be original, and inspired, not your usual pregnant nun.

May your childrens' trick or treat bags be bountiful, overflowing with your favorite bites.
May your raiding of said bags be fruitful, after you turn out their bedroom lights.

May you munch guilt free, as you carry out this dutiful act, again sacrificing for your young.
May you feel noble as you save them, for candy will rot their teeth, and chips could cut their tongue!

May you stop before you go too far, eating it all, and then, feel bad.
May you know if you do, you can always take the high road, and blame it on their Dad!

Until next time! Happy Halloween!

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