Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Little Chubby Guy In A Red Suit, Bringing Stuff


The Holiday Season is officially upon us! Yay!

I love having wee ones around, always, but especially this time of year. Everything is new and incredible. There has not yet been any jading of ideals, no one has pulled back the curtain on the magic of Christmas. There is awe and wonder at every turn, beauty and excitement in every shiny, tiny face.

I, for one, believe it is our duty, as the adults of the world, to foster that magic. Instill in our young ones, so deeply, the joy of giving to others, that they never lose the desire to bring happiness to those around them.

It's about so much more than a little chubby guy in a red suit, bringing stuff.

With that, I'd like to revisit a subject that just doesn't seem to go away.

Season's Greetings!

I think if everyone could put aside all the noise about the political correctness of different seasonal greetings, maybe we could get back to the reason the greetings ever came to be.

I think all the greetings, regardless of religious or political origin, were used to let your neighbours know you wished them well.

Now, unless you have incredible intuitive capabilities, there is no way of knowing anyone's personal belief system in the brief moment in which a greeting is afforded a stranger. Therefore, we tend to offer whatever is familiar to us. It might be Merry Christmas, it could be Happy Hanukkah, it could be one of many greetings from many different places and cultures around the world.

What it boils down to is this. It all still translates into wishing your neighbours well. Plain and simple.
Why clutter it up with all the noise?

Dismounting soap box. (with a backflip, cuz I'm a ninja like that)

Soooooo, this week was one for the books!

Yep, this week sure presented it's challenges. Glitches in websites, phone tag with insurance people, parts not coming, parts not available, parts breaking, totally not having the superpower to shrink huge heavy things down to a miniscule, manageable size, and then returning them to their original state.

Yep, one of those weeks.

We are, however very close to having our current project completed in time for Christmas. It required using another baking day and we will need to work the majority of tomorrow, after a trip to the city for a parts run and now, sadly shortened, gift delivery.

But, with any luck, that should do it! Then, on Monday we will go into the shop to be on hand for any last minute shoppers, tidy up, and close for the Holidays! Yep, 4 days in a row! Well, almost, my hubby will have to go in on Christmas Eve for a short bit. But then it's days off until the 30th!

It will be time for turkey, games, laughter, and enough treats to keep the grandkids wired for days! Good Times!

Thank you all for taking the time to read these ramblings. I am forever grateful for the support, and continuously humbled and honored by the fact that you do read them.  I love getting messages and emails from you, and hope they continue to come my way. As I said, I am forever grateful.

Well, that about does it for me, this week. Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.........

May the wonder of the season renew itself in you, becoming what is was when you were small.
May you once again feel nothing but thrilled anticipation, like a 5 year old meeting Santa at the mall.

May the colourful lights reignite your innocence, bring the twinkle back to your eye.
May the cheerfully, carefully placed decorations, make you rethink the reindeer's ability to fly.

May every piece of adult logic take a backseat to the utter and complete joy of the season.
May you forget about grown up things, just for a while, and for good reason.

May you embrace the chaos of the holiday, the noise,the scattering of bright paper, toys and dishes.
May you embrace the chaos of the holiday, for this, is simply the sound of the granting of wishes.

Until next time...

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