Sunday, December 1, 2013

Snowmen and Merry Christmas?

The Snowmen have been unleashed! It must be December!

The Holidays mean something different to everyone. Every culture/religion calls it something different and celebrates in their own way. Some don't. It's all good.

I don't know about where you live, but here, one of the hottest debates seems to be whether or not it is politically correct to say Merry Christmas.

I, personally would not be offended if someone offered me the salutation of their choice, whatever it may be, if it was given with sincere kindness behind it. 

The words  "Merry Christmas" should never be flung as an intended insult to anyone or any belief. If that is what is intended, a wish dipped in venom, does that not take the very phrase for which you are fighting, and turn it into something dark and ugly?

I feel that if you put forth the greeting of this holiday, whatever that is for you, with kind intent, the only ones who will be offended are the ones who want to be.

If someone wishes you a Happy Hanukkah, and you aren't Jewish, you should be no more offended by that than if someone says "bless you" when you sneeze.

How many of us have shouted  "Molotov!"  "Salut!", or "Amen!" and it offends no one. Why? Because they are simple expressions of joy.

This holiday should be about nothing but bringing joy to others. Fill it with every kindness you can squeeze in. No matter what you do, or don't believe. Just hug it out and be done.

Personally,  I like to celebrate by putting up my silly snowmen, listening to sappy Christmas songs, baking the treats that make my family light up, and making it a mission to put a smile in the eyes of every face I meet.

Now, for the past week...............................................

Well, our karaoke show went great. Lots of people and a ton of fun! They are a great group.

Aaannnnddd, our Riders won the Grey Cup!  It. Was. Awesome. 

We were busy at the shop with more siding, some brakes, some wiring, and a mobile service call or two.

Some more Christmas shopping was completed. Wrapped. Under the tree. Yay!

I was able to stock up on baking essentials, so I can start getting some things in the freezer. (Pumpkin Spice Muffins....Done!)

Some baby snuggles were squeezed in. (Laney is starting to smile)

Toddler silliness and utter cuteness was absorbed.

Some kindergarten wisdom was bestowed.

Now...for the upcoming week....

Month end book work at the shop................

Take care of the shipment that is due to be delivered.............

Assist in siding  a trailer.............

Run errands...............

Hopefully, on a few evenings,  get home in time to bake a few cookies.........

Go out to a movie!.....

Head down to our local pub to watch some entertainment!

Yep another full week, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Until next time.............. I know a lot of people who will be facing a rough time this Holiday season. There have been some accidents and illnesses that have touched those I love and care about. It's going to be so hard for so many.

With that in mind, I'll leave you with this wish...............

May you find the strength to simply get through, for no one can expect any more.
May the weight of it all be lifted a little by those at your side, as you sleeplessly walk the floor.

May you find a way, whilst gripped in sadness, to give cherished memories a voice.
May you give them such a resonating boom, the sadness will have to step aside, for it will have no choice.

May you wear the hope and strength of your loved ones like an old, cozy sweater.
May you know, for now, it's just about surviving, being, breathing, later is for making it better.

Until next time...............................................

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