Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hula Hoops & Poppin' Bubbles!


The Province in which I live is described as "The Land of the Living Skies."  I guess the 30 minutes in which these shots were taken show part of the reason why.

I don't want to seem ungrateful for the rain, as I know in many parts of the world, it would be an incredible gift. I don't want to seem ungrateful, and I truly am not, it's just that so many consistent days of gloomy, turbulent, unsettled weather tends to start rubbing off on a person's psyche.

So, Mother Nature, if you please, could you so kindly send some of this lovely rain to places where it is so desperately needed. We would love to have the rain clouds come back to visit briefly every few weeks for a short visit, but like a house guest who has overstayed their welcome, we would like to send these heavy clouds on their merry, or not so merry, way, for now.

Thanks ever so much.

Life at the shop has been crazy, as usual. This is fantastic, more than I can even explain. With the heavy schedule, though, a person can kind of get cut off from the outside world without even realizing it. You get so busy in the day-to-day running of things that when you do pop up for air, like we did when we went to the city for a parts run today, it's surprising what you can miss.

For instance, on our way, we were listening to  the radio and found out Cher was in town! Tonight! Who Knew! Well, lots of people, I suppose. I mean, they did sell thousands of tickets, after all.

I think we need to be a bit more mindful of the "bubble" effect starting and running your own business can have.  I think, if a person isn't careful, your world could shrink pretty fast. We love doing what we do, but we have to be careful it doesn't become everything we do.


On the upside, today, I bought a hula hoop. I used to be pretty dang good at hula hooping. My friends and I spent many elementary school lunch hours developing tricks, using multiple hoops. I saw it there, daring me to try, so I did. In the aisle. At Target. Much to my disappointment, and the amusement of fellow shoppers, my talent for hula hooping seems to have waned, at least for now. I'm hoping muscle memory will kick in at some point and take over. It is very possible, however, that the muscles I had at 10 years old have a.) developed dimentia b.) been traded in for stretch marks (which apparently have the memory of an elephant and the staying power of stink on a skunk) or c.) they don't carry the same memory as my brain does, and maybe I sucked at hula hooping the whole time.

Maybe muscle memory isn't the answer after all. No matter, I'll give it a shot anyway. Although I don't necessarily see the Ringling Brothers coming in with any job offers any time soon,  it would be pretty cool to be able to keep that dang hoop off the floor.

Maybe music would help, maybe something with a good beat, something rhythmic, maybe something by Shakira. Like her, my hips don't lie, though, at this point, they may fib a little.

Yep, this week was another crazy one, but it was productive. I didn't get a chance to work on "Alfred Dinglewiggle", but this upcoming week is the one, for sure. It has to be, if I will have any hope of having it here in time for my reading in Major during August long weekend. I'll simply have to pop the "bubble" long enough to do it. Simple as that. Right?

The upcoming week, for a lot of people, will mark the end of another school year.  Hopefully, this means that some alarm clocks can be forgotten, lunches can be left unmade, and long days can be spent in the sun, playing games and having fun. Grab the Summer with both hands and squeeze out of it every ounce of fun you can!

Well, my friends, that about does it for me this week. Thank you so much for taking the time to read these ramblings each week! I appreciate it more than you know.

Until next time...........................

May this Summer smile upon you, filling every day with laughter, sunshine and joy.
May the anthem of "I'm Bored" be forgotten, amusement being found in the simplest toy.

May the "he's touching me" and "she's breathing on me" not even begin during your family trip.
May you handle every meltdown with finesse, grace and wisdom, never coming close to losing your grip.

May every outing be something worthy of a movie made by Hallmark Hall of Fame.
May they be filled with poignant anecdotes and lessons, only filled with humour and not so lame.

May every ounce of fun be squeezed from every single day, each more fun than the one before.
May you allow yourself to join in, grab a water gun, build a sand castle, eat a few s'mores.

Until next time!

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