Friday, June 6, 2014

Falling Sinks And Lightning Strikes!


This week mark's the 70th anniversary of the heroic horror that took place on the beaches of Normandy that marked the beginning of the end of the 2nd World War.

When I put myself in those young boys' shoes, the moments leading up to the order to go ashore, I can't help but feel like I'm being smothered by a blanket of consuming fear.  The kind of courage it took to take those first steps, knowing full well they would most likely be your last, is unfathomable.

These boys, so many of them barely 18, sacrificing themselves for the freedom of others. Our freedom.

How different would our world look if they hadn't been so brave?

I so hope we aren't squandering this freedom that cost so dearly. I so hope we aren't twisting these hard earned rights into a soap box from which to spew hate and prejudice, the very things these boys sacrificed themselves to defeat.

I hope we are cherishing these freedoms, knowing, as we watch the world around us, how fleeting freedom can be.

I hope, as these boys watch from wherever their souls should shine, they can be proud of us, the custodians of their heroic legacy.

It's been a pretty interesting week!

Among the "usual" business around the shop, we had a few customers call in with some not to usual concerns.

The first guy who called, was doing so because his trailer was struck by lightning! Poor guy!

There he was, soundly sleeping when he was startled awake by a big bang and sparks shooting out of his furnace! After that, his trailer went completely dead. Hubby went to where he is parked to have a look, and after years of seeing pretty much everything that can go wrong with a trailer, was actually surprised to find things he had never encountered before!

The linoleum had burned/melted around a furnace vent, and there was absolutely no power. Period. He tried all of his tricks and couldn't find a flicker. The whole trailer smelled like burnt plastic, and he is pretty certain every appliance and piece of electronics will be fried. I feel so bad for the guy, we are just hoping his insurance will cover either his loss of the trailer, or pay to fix it properly. It's an insurance company I'm not familiar with, I sure hope they come through for him.

Another customer called, having bought a brand new trailer from a dealership far, far away. His list of complaints about his trailer began with the kitchen sink falling through his counter, into the cabinet below. The list went on and on, scared to fall through a certain section of floor, electric bunks malfunctioning, hydraulics leaking, and so on, and so on.....My advice? Call the dealership and tell them you will require a replacement trailer. There is no way it should have left the lot like that. We are going on a service call Monday to make his sink functional, we won't be able to fix it properly but it will at least get he and his wife by until the dealership decides what they will do.

We had yet another customer, who, after buying a trailer in British Columbia, pulled it all the way home, and then brought it to us to give it a "check over" before they hit the road with it. Good thing they did. As it turns out, the sewer tanks are split and broken. This is an expensive repair, and I find it  highly unlikely that the guy who sold it to them wasn't aware of the issue. After breaking the bad news, I urged  him to phone the guy he bought it from and see if he couldn't get some money back, let's say, oh maybe the amount it will take to fix it.

Sometimes you just gotta shake your head............

Other than that, the past week went by productively and swiftly.

I wasn't able to get much done on the book front this week, but I'm hoping next week lends itself to squeaking in some progress in that direction.

So, the next few days start off with doing a karaoke show tomorrow night. It should be a great time!

Then, next week will be spent getting some trailers ready to hit the rodeo circuit, and others, to hit the lake.

I'm really hoping to steal some baby snuggles, do some toddler teasing, and big kid bugging, along the way.

Well folks, gotta run!

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.......................................

May you see each day as a gift, for it is, a gift, to enjoy, appreciate, to cherish.
May you explore new avenues, seek new views, change perspectives, for without these, imaginations perish.

May you take full advantage of opportunities, for they were hard earned by those who walked before us.
May you see that success earned dishonorably throws sand in the eyes of every soldier, disrespecting their sacrifice.

May you walk through life in a way that honors their courage, in a way that allows you to restfully sleep.
May you know in doing so, sacrifices hold meaning, with your actions, their bravery you will keep.

Until next time!

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