Sunday, July 13, 2014

Carriage Rides, Crazy Cuisine and Calluses! Another Nutty Week!


If you read these crazy ramblings last week, you know that my hubby and I recently celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary.

We always try to do something to mark the day. Earlier on, "marking" the day meant getting the kids to bed a bit early and sitting there, as quietly as possible, as not to wake them. Now, we try to celebrate with a little more pizazz.

This year, we took a spur of the moment 24 hour holiday! We left work Saturday, boogied into the city, and checked and into our hotel. We took a leisurely stroll through a great exhibit at an art gallery, did a little mall crawling, went for a romantic carriage ride, went to a movie, had some much fancier than normal, never before tried cuisine, a watermelon martini (sooooo fancy, right?!) and a beautiful walk along the river. It was FANTASTIC!

It was so nice to do something completely different from our "everyday."

The rest of the week presented a few challenges, both physically and mentally.

Yep, a lot of people pay memberships to a gym, no need when you are hefting air conditioners on to the tops of 10 plus foot high trailers and motorhomes a few times a week! I'll admit, it's bit of a challenge to assist in these lifts, as I'm not crazy about climbing ladders, and when you add in the height difference between me and the guy I'm helping, it can get a bit dicy.

But, some sweaty palms and a few bruises later, they are up there! When we have to do things that require me to stretch my limitations a bit, my hubby is always a little concerned. I assure him that if I really couldn't do it, I would say so. Yes, it might be uncomfortable, a little scary and test my strength, but it's not fatal. Now, don't get into your head that I would enjoy heaving air conditioners over my head while standing about 9 feet up on a 12 foot ladder on a daily basis, but, every once in a while, it's not so bad.

Emotionally and mentally, this week was also a bit of a challenge. One customer was dealing with insurance deadlines and in the midst of that, his son became suddenly ill and passed away. Not only is this poor soul a widower of 5 years, but this was the third of his four children for which he was having to arrange a funeral.

That fact that he is still standing.............

So, I had to climb a ladder a few times.........................big deal............I'm pretty sure I'll get over it.

This week also brought some invitations! A wedding in September, and a couple of trade shows in October! I don't even want to think beyond summer just yet, it's only just begun!

OOOOHHHHH, aaannnd the hard copy proof of "Alfred" came! I'm getting so anxious and excited to have the finished book in hand. Time to start getting things ready to introduce him to everybody.

With summer flying along, I'm glad we were already able to get the troops together a couple of times. They are all just as busy as we are, so that doesn't leave as much time to hang out as we would like.

We have, however, had a couple of quick visits from some grandbabies over the past few days. Our youngest, with her two little ones and her fiance are off to visit some of his relatives for the week. One of those relatives is "Grandad Howie" which apparently translates into "Daddad Hawaii", if you are Jake.

The whirlwind that calls himself Ethan popped in with his mom for a quick visit and an even quicker tutorial on how to draw Batman. Always very important.

I'm so grateful that we are able to see them on a regular basis.

So, as for the upcoming week...............................

Here's hoping we can get home before dark a few times......................

Here's hoping I get fantastically awesome news that they will have "Alfred" ready ahead of schedule................

Here's hoping that every job goes off without a hitch....................................................

Well folks that about does it for this week....

Until then I'll leave you with this wish..................

May you never underestimate any of your strengths, trust them, they run deep.
May you know, with balance, you are limitless, be generous, but, your spirit you must keep.

May you see beyond the challenge, envision the triumph, wrap your soul in the rainbow that follows the storm.
May you submit to the pull of glorious sunshine when the darkness wants to seduce you with fictional warmth.

May you see that your choices dictate the voices with which you sing, make them with positive intent.
May you see that your future is yours to build, you design how the pieces fit, keep building, never relent.

Until next time................

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