Saturday, July 19, 2014

PMS, Speeding Tickets, and Maleficent!

You'll have to excuse me if this week's ramblings are a little more rambly than usual. I am in full-on PMS brain mode right now. I kind of feel like an insomniatic, highly emotional hyperactive alzheimer sufferer with a multiple personality disorder and psychopathic tendencies who really really really likes chocolate.......and chips.........and doughnuts. All I need now are the hot flashes to commence to complete this pre-menopausal grand slam.

Seriously, it's like going through puberty again, sore boobs, cranky, emotional, only this time around, we also get gravity laughing at us as everything starts migrating south. least I'm here to go through it. So many don't get to live long enough enjoy this rite of passage. Okay, so enjoy may be too strong a word. How about, "journey through", yeah, that's a little closer.

So please forgive me.

Soooooo, another busy week has passed.......

More horrible thunderstorms hissed and flashed their way across the country side with such vengeance! Crops were flattened, buildings and equipment destroyed, but luckily, it sounds like nobody was seriously hurt.

Through the course of the week we were able to get a few more people off to the lake, and help out a couple more that were already there. (top photo).

There are strange myths travelling the globe suggesting our Province is flat. There are jokes about seeing your dog run for days. As you can see in the top picture, those myths have been proven as false! Now, the bottom photo may support that myth, so I guess you will have to decide for yourself. It's kinda crazy that these two locations are only about 11/2 hours apart!

Also, this week, I received a bit of disappointing news. "Alfred" won't be ready until mid- August.  It's disappointing, but, at least I'll have him in time for the new school year.

Tonight, we went to the movie "Maleficent." I'm so glad we went!

With my PMS brain working overtime in taking control of the whole "deciding what to wear," thing, and having the coordination of a tasered drunk playing hopscotch, while attepting to do my hair and make up, I almost made us late. And for those who know me, know how much I HATE being late.....for anything.

Well, with our late start, we were in a bit of a rush on the way to the theatre.....................

Yep............speeding ticket.

A speeding ticket from Officer Grouchy. I kid you not, that was, and is, his real name.

Again, for those who know me...........KNOW to NOT say anything was soooooooo hard. The PMS brain almost killed the filter, but I remained in control of my mouth. At least until he was out of ear shot.

We made it to the theatre just as the movie began.

This is such a clever twist on a classic story. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so suffice it to say that it may make you look at villains in a brand new way.

As for the upcoming week?

Working feverishly in the shop hoping to keeping more vacation dreams on track..............

Prepare for and participate in our local "Art In The Park" event.................

Sneak some grandbaby snuggles........................

Keep PMS brain in check....................................

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.............................

May you always look beyond what you first see, deeper, broader, beyond what the persona shows you.
May you see past the hardened look, the defensive stance, for the soul behind the eyes doesn't yet trust you.

May you understand fear shows itself as anger, and fear roots anxiety, insecurity, and can find cruel release in words.
May you reflect and not absorb these verbal daggers, for it is fear that is speaking, a fear demanding to be heard.

May those who attack as a defense come to see the damage a repeated barrage can evoke.
May you understand eventually you will spew your venom on an empty room, echoing the poisonous words you spoke.

Until next Week!

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