Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Death By Fake Booty?! Wow, Just.....Wow.....


Well folks, we are but a few days away from our youngest daughter's big day! What you are seeing in the photo is a bit of the organized chaos that is inevitable when preparing for such an event.

Over the last few days, my dining room has slowly become overtaken by the bits that need to make the trip. It's a bit of a tight rope to walk, trying to make sure nothing essential gets left behind while simultaneously keeping in mind the physical space in the vehicle available to actually transport it.

It's difficult to fight the undertow that lives in the waves of noise. My struggle is to turn that turbulence into a jacuzzi and just soak in it.

I have to consciously catch myself, take a breath, and soak it in.

Like so many big things that happen in life, I think we tend to just do what we need to do, checking off the "to do" list, crossing t's and dotting i's like nobody's business, and then, before you know it, the big thing is over and we kind of just, well..... missed it.

I know I am pretty guilty of this at times, and am trying to do better. Take a breath, soak it in.

I definitely don't want to get to next week and wish that I had been more present.

Aaannnnnd in other news.........death by butt implant...........

I kid you not. Some young woman so desperate to have a JLo booty, subjected herself to, what turned out to be, fatal danger under the hands of some hack and paid the death penalty for her misguided misjudgement.

Have we learned nothing from history? Trends change, surgeries are permanent, or at least for the most part, they are.

In the '20's it was a boyish figure that was all the rage. In the '30's, well it was the great depression, being able to eat on a regular basis was the fashion. In the '40's it was curvaceous and pin curls. The '50's, still curvy, in a girl-next-door, poodle skirt, penny loafer wearing kind of way, unless you were Marilyn Monroe (who wore a size 16, by the way). The '60's, well, Twiggy was the model of the decade, big eyes, short hair, and super slim. Then, in the '70's, Farrah Fawcett..... nuff said. In the '80's, "let's get physical" came into play, as did Jazzersize. and "sweatin' to the oldies."  As you may have guessed, this brought a more "fit" figure into fashion. The '90's? Well, honestly I'm not sure, everything piece of clothing was so big, baggy and "grungy" there was no real way of gauging body types. Maybe that was the point............

And then the turn of the century......

How low can you go...........with the waistband of your jeans, that is. And to pull that off, you couldn't really have hips to speak of, or they didn't stay up. It was the race to the size 0, no matter what the cost.

And now? It's all about that bass.

Booty, the more the merrier. The bigger the better. You get my drift.

I guess my point is this. Trends come and go, history has proven that..... repeatedly.  If you feel compelled to follow the booty trend, run stairs, do squats, climb ladders, go to zoomba, do yoga, or whatever else will help develop the good ol' gluteus maximus. Go nuts!

But to surgically alter yourself to become a follower of a trend that likely will not last the rest of the decade? I would seriously reconsider the whole risk vs. reward thing. What will you do if the next trend is no booty?

There are many good reasons to have surgery, even cosmetic surgery. To replace breasts stolen by cancer, to remove loose skin after weight loss, to repair damage after an accident, to straighten a nose that has driven you crazy all of your life, the list goes on.

I'm just not convinced following a trend makes that list.

Well folks that about does it for this week! For now, I'll leave you with this wish.........

May you look in the mirror and see what you are, not every little thing you are not.
May you see the world beneath the trends, the heart that beats under what's bought.

May you find a bigger meaning as to why you are here, why you walk this precious earth.
May you realize it simply has to be deeper, as body type and size, in no way determines worth.

May you see how far we've come, the struggle to vote, the leap from being property to owning our own.
May you remember there was a time, that as a woman, you had no say, had no option to stand alone.

May you look in the mirror and see what you truly are, and not every little thing you are not.
May you look deeper, back in time, those women, they did not fight for you to feel "less than" they simply....... did not.

Until next time.......

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