Saturday, June 27, 2015

See This? In This Photo Right Here?!

 See this? In this photo right here? This stuff fairly cleverly disguised as food that  is supposed to be inspired by Chinese culture? I would call it Chinese food, but that would be a direct insult to those who actually prepare real Chinese food.  Generally, I do not complain about food. Someone went through a lot of hard work to prepare it for you, be thankful. Period.

I genuinely felt bad for the server. A person should have taken the apologetic tone in his voice as he greeted and seated us for the sign that it was. A Big....... Blinking....... Sign.

Hopefully the cook was just having a bad's is.....oooorrrrrr maybe not. Either way, I will likely never find out. At least not on purpose.

Ahhhhhh the adventures of doing gigs in new places!

See this, in this photo right here?  This is the quiet before the chaos. The  moments of tranquility before the vows, the wows, the toasts, the tears, the cheers, the cake cutting, the laughter, the chatter, the dancing, the requests, the backwards flings of the garter and bouquet.  This is the marking of the moment just before another couple takes that precious step to combine and intertwine their lives. This, is a pretty awesome way to spend your time.

See this? In this photo right here?  This was pretty much the darkest part of the night, that night. It was the eve of the summer solstice, very little time fell between sunset and sunrise. This was the view from the wedding venue.... not too shabby.

After a very long, but fun night playing for this lovely couple's wedding, it was time to head home.

Sunday was pretty short. It didn't involve much more than driving home, unloading the truck, finding something to eat, and heading to bed.  It was a good kind of tired, though. Everyone had a great time, that's always worth the tired.

The work week has sped by. We've been doing our best to get all those who need their campers for Canada Day, done and ready to go. Here's hoping we can pull it off. We have 2 more work days to make it happen. If the Universe does us a couple of favours, all will be well.

You know what's kind of  amazing? These things always only hit me after the fact, but, I had to put another order in for more copies of "Lexi's Magic Clothes" and "A Crazy Day"! Down to my last few copies once again. Blows my mind.

As for the upcoming week?

It will hopefully be a short work week, with the holiday and all.

Then it is our plan to take a couple of days off.

These days will likely be spent doing a whole pile of nothing but hangin' out with my honey, reading, listening to music, swimming, sleeping and watching movies. Sounds like a pretty good plan.

Well that about does it for another week Until next time I'll leave you with this wish.........

May the first days of summer treat you well, sitting in the soft breeze, with a drink, tall and cold.
May you get the chance to truly enjoy, relax, lay back, just let the adventures unfold.

May fantastic new experiences find you, new people, new places, new tastes, new bands, new songs.
May you take a trip outside of what's comfortable, discover new ways in which you belong.

May you find the courage to try things that scare you, our limits always live beyond where we believe.
May you enjoy every single day, create precious memories, build beautiful moments, for this is the only thing we truly need to achieve.

Until next time!

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