Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wedding Mayhem And Other Stuff!


Well, the wedding has come and gone..............

The ceremony began as the wind started to pick up. Everyone made it down the aisle just in time.  As the officiant began to tickle the heart of the words which carry the weight, Mother Nature decided to throw a bit of a curve.

As the rain poured, we gathered the guests into the shelter of the gazebo, where the remainder of the ceremony simply continued from where Mother Nature so rudely interrupted. It just made it that much more special.

Here, these two young souls were literally surrounded by those who love them most. It was up close and intimate with all in attendance truly bearing undivided witness to the occasion. What better way to officially start your life together.

The background crescendo of lightening and thunder seemed to give punctuation to the vows. Nature's confetti of poplar seeds showed no discretion, covering everyone thoroughly, and I do mean thoroughly. Not one person nor article of clothing was spared.

This was followed by good food, lots of laughs, a ton of goofiness, and memories that will live forever.

I can hardly put into words the feeling of warmth that completely fills me when I get to witness my girls, as adults, coming together as sisters and friends. Being there for each other, pitching in, laughing, dancing, and just being the fantastic humans they have grown to be. To see the stellar choices they have come to make in husbands, boyfriends and friends. To witness how they carry themselves in the world.

I can't help but be thrown back in time to the sleepless nights, the diapers, the baths, the time outs, the homework, the fights, the broken hearts, the laundry, the not so stellar friend choices, the fashion choices, the make up trends, the laundry, the fevers, the throwing up, the growing pains, the laundry, did I say laundry?

All...completely....worth.......everything........all of it.

Once the party was over it was time to retire to our fancy-dancy motel room. If you are noticing a dripping of sarcasm, you wouldn't be wrong.  Questionable electricity and bates motel shower aside, I can honestly say that never before have we stayed in a place where the owners knock on guests doors asking them to run and pick up a sandwich for them at the fast food place a couple of miles down the road.

It's definitely a new take on the whole hospitality industry thing. Thinking outside the box.

With the festivities coming to a bittersweet end, it was time to get home and back to work.

It was, thankfully, another busy one at the shop.

Among our customers, we had the privilege of meeting a sweet, 86 year old lady who has asked us to check over her motorhome before she reluctantly sells it. It's the RV she and her husband took on little trips for the last 16 years. Since her husband passed away, she just doesn't have the desire to take those kind of trips anymore. Besides, at 86, she said she "just doesn't feel confident driving it too much."

It must be so hard.

Closing chapters and opening new ones, finding a new way through the world starting from today. Even at 86, we are not immune. How we choose to adapt to new circumstances determines our level of happiness.

The rest of the week was filled with work,errands, and an abundance of grandbaby goofiness,

To top it off, we went to our local theatre to catch a movie. It starred Sophia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon. It's not one of those movies that will change your life or anything, but if you are in the mood for a few good laughs, it's definitely good for that. It had received some petty scathing reviews and I really don't understand why. This movie does exactly what it set out to do, give the audience about 90 minutes of a good time.  Mission accomplished.

As for the next few days.......

I will need to put the finishing touches on the wedding we are playing for next weekend............

The shop will be happily hopping...............

I really am hoping to get in some quality writing time....

Squeeze grandbabies.............................

Until next time I will leave you with this wish..............

May every sunrise fill you with the promise that every fresh start should.
May every sunset make you smile at the memories made, feeling content, understood.

May you realize that although making plans is great, perfection never happens, too much lies beyond our control.
May you come to understand, your best chance at real happiness comes from you, just take it in, and roll.

May you see that the best things in life tend to happen in spite of our plans, rarely because of how well they are laid.
May you learn to embrace the curves thrown, for it's what's meant to be, lighting the path you're meant to take, be excited, never afraid.

Until next time......

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