Sunday, August 30, 2015

No Superman, No Batman, No Wonder Woman, Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These two little ones are still  in the pre-school demographic, but a bunch of post-toddlers from this part of the world will be starting the next school year very soon, in fact some already have.

This time of year, the subject of dress codes, and school policies come, once again to the forefront.

Some schools have pretty strict rules about sleeves, or lack thereof, length of skirts and/or shorts, logos and the like.

I find it fascinating.

Dressing appropriately for different situations is a skill. I mean, you don't wear jeans to a black tie event, and you don't wear a toga to church. As far as dress "codes" go? I guess I'm not convinced that it's really in the school's realm of authority to dictate.

I don't really understand the whole tank top or sun dress thing. How is dressing according to the weather endangering fellow students' education?  If a sleeveless arm, or a shoulder covered only by a strap is so disruptive and distracting, I think the energy of the school staff would be much better spent working with those so easily distracted.

Have we really gotten to a place in our society where we have  hyper-sexualized school aged kids to the point that we find it necessary for our schools to police their clothing to this extent? Bare arms, for cryin' out loud?

Kids will push limits. It's their job. Even as teenagers, their brains aren't completely developed. Their impulse control and decision making skills are not fully there. That's why they have parents/guardians.

 As a parent/guardian, you carry the cash, therefore you have a say in what gets purchased. If they don't own shorts that could double as a belt, they can't wear said shorts. They buy it with their own money? You are still the parent, as such, it is your job to help with, and guide decisions.

Kids are figuring things out. They need some freedom to do so properly. Their choices in clothes is just one way they dig into the process. It's balance, just like anything else. They can sport the purple hair, but the booty shorts stay in the store. Balance.

I guess I don't know if it is truly in the best interest of the children, to have their attire dictated by people who form policies and run educational institutions. I think I'd rather leave it in the very capable hands of the people that have been loving, caring and providing for them since they were born.

The schools seem to be taking it to a whole new level, this year. I saw a story on the news in which a child was sent home with a note saying that her "Wonder Woman" lunch kit would not be welcome in the school. They won't allow anything with action heroes on it, stating they believe it promotes violence.

I fail to see how a woman who spins at lightning speed to change into a red, blue and gold shiny outfit; that flies around in an invisible helicopter and whose weapon of choice is a golden lasso, and who uses that lasso only for the good of mankind, fosters violence.

So, it seems that their thought, the strategy of these schools is, to make girls believe that they, and what they wear, are responsible for male response.  That somehow males of our species are incapable of being responsible for their own actions and reactions. I'm not sure that is such a good idea, for any gender.

They want a school devoid of Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and all of their superhero friends. Because superheroes promote or invoke violence..................all of a sudden.

These characters have been around for generations. Have we somehow suddenly sprouted a generation incapable of imagination and so incredibly thirsty for violence? Do they have no distinction between reality and story? If that is the case, then, by all means, we need to correct that. If that is an actual problem, I don't think it will be remedied by banning a Wonder Woman lunch kit, or a Superman backpack.

If violence is such an issue with our young people, then banning superheroes won't fix that problem any more than forcing sleeves.

Maybe we should put more emphasis on teaching kindness, empathy and respect so these kids can enjoy each other's company while they share from their Wonder Woman lunch kits, tank tops and all.


It's been another full week...........

Well, we played for our last scheduled wedding of the year......Thank you to all of this year's fantastic newlyweds for allowing us to be a part of your special day!

Had to buy a new light for our shows, as one of our lasers crapped out while we were setting up......thankfully the store where we buy the majority of our equipment was open! Whew!

It was, thankfully, another busy one at the shop...........

Killed some dust bunnies, and beat the crap out the laundry monster.............

Got to put in some quality time with the munchkin crowd................

Did a bit of writing......

As for the upcoming week?...............

Month end and fixin' trailers at the shop.............

Squeeze some kidlins...............

Enjoy the last of the Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With "back to school" in mind, I'll leave you with this wish.............

May the first days back in your school routine go smoothly, nothing forgotten, nothing left behind.
May the bus be on time, kids at the ready...... milk on her nose? Socks don't match??? Nevermind.

May you, if sending off your first, hide your tears til their gone, for your baby is a baby no more.
May you, if this is your last, hide your tears, yes, this is the last, you know all that's in store.

May you take in stride the homework notes, permission slips, strange requests and yes you'd love to be a field trip volunteer.
May you try to remember these are great days, there are likely will be screw ups, and there are only another 210 more school days until the next Summer break is here!!!

Happy first days of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time.............

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