Saturday, March 19, 2016

Too Much Light Can Disguise The Details..............................


Throwing too much light on any circumstance can disguise details. Too much light, too much press, too much...period.

We are having a local election here on the next few weeks and our neighbours to the south are having a marathon election season themselves.

Being bombarded with non-information becomes white noise. Meaningless rhetoric becomes even more meaningless, if that's possible.

Dim the lights a little and let us see the details. Stop trying to distract us from the important issues by making us unwilling referees in your schoolyard stupidity.

Thankfully we only have weeks until our election. The USA doesn't vote until November. Hell, they haven't yet narrowed down the field enough to know who actually is going to be running. They are still possibly months away from simply doing that!

I feel for the voters there. How do you even begin to sift through the mountains of bull crap to find bits of substance you can base a vote on? 

If I were an American voter, I think I would keep these things in mind.....

The USA is not an island. They rely heavily on foreign trade to make the country function, day to day. Who, in the running, will assist in keeping the good deals that are already in place and have the most capability to make maybe even better ones, down the road?

Cool headed. Personally I would want someone at the helm who can make solid, rational decisions. You need an even temper, patience and an innate talent for compromise to be a good leader.

Watching international news. I think it's important to get information on how the world sees the country. Watching only news from your home point of view, can give a bit of a distorted view. It's like asking your Grandma if she loves you every day. No matter what you do, she'll find a way to make you come out smelling like a rose, and then, feed you a cookie.

I would look at who has the best chance of creating the fewest enemies. Every animal has enough natural predators, no point in intentionally creating more.

Who, out of the ones running, would I most like my children and grandchildren to emulate? 

Who, as the road to the Whitehouse shortens, is looking through binoculars trying to bring the future into focus and who is spending the entire time looking in an ever-growing mirror, because they are only capable of seeing themselves?

What purpose drives their actions? Not what they tell the press, but what really drives them? If you watch long enough and take a bit of a trip into history, it's not hard to find out.

Maybe, instead of debates, they should create a giant maze wherein they have to reason and compromise their way past obstacles to get out. Who ever can do it with the least  noise, the least damage to their environment, and any they encounter along the way, wins.

Just a thought.


Still no grandbaby. I'm pretty sure the only one more anxious than I to have this wee one enter the world is my very pregnant, uncomfortable, stretched to the limit, daughter. Hopefully, by next week's ramblings I will have adorable pictures to share......whether you like it or not.  I'm apologizing ahead of time for the onslaught that is bound to happen for, at least, the first couple of weeks. 

The rest of this past week went by without a hitch.

I was able to put some time into my novel project.  I'm coming to a place where some decisions have to be made that will have a huge impact on the rest of the story. It's a very strange feeling. The more I write, the more I get to know the characters, the more I become invested in them, in some weird way, I feel responsible for what happens to them. 

It's a very strange feeling indeed.

As for the next while.............

Hopefully, welcoming our new grand daughter into the clan.............

Assisting in the repairs of a few trailers...............


And with that folks, I will leave you for another week.

With my daughter in mind, and all those about to bring a new life into this world, I leave you this wish..........

May the urge to fight the inevitable pain give way to surrender, for fighting it only creates more.
May the time pass swiftly, may all go well, placing on your heart, the tiny miracle you'll adore.

May you, as you struggle through the first weeks, be it your first child or your third, remember this hell is temporary, you'll look back and see how fleeting.
May you, while your in the thick of it, reach out if you need to, you are not alone, and you are human, do what you need to keep happy sane, to keep your soul from depleting.

May you share the joy with those you love, the joy of laundry, the joy of poop, the joy of dishes in the sink.
May you also share the snuggles, as they are a great currency, baby snuggles can buy more than you think!

Until next time......

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