Sunday, March 27, 2016

Catch Every Beam Of Sunlight!!!!!!

Good Morning!

Happy Easter to all out there who celebrate!

Okay, so first off. No new grandbaby yet.  She is now officially late. Her expected arrival date was March 23rd. She, thus far, shows no sign of being in a hurry to come and meet her not-so-patiently waiting-to-squeeze-you family.

This has been yet another week that, when you look at the world stage, you become witness to the tragedies our human race seems determined to create. It's utterly amazing how misplaced fear becomes anger, becomes irrational retaliation, becomes terror, becomes fear, becomes anger, becomes irrational retaliation, becomes fear, becomes terror...............

This cycle sadly seems to live on many scales. From our school yards, to gangs, to organized crime, to racism, to politics, to international trade, to those who call themselves ISIS.

The players change the game remains the same.

Mother Nature and happenstance are more than capable of providing enough tragedy to give our joy the balance of heartache that seems necessary for a truly full life. Why do we, as humans, seem so determined to make our time here on earth as difficult as possible?

On the upside of this week,

I received the first full set of preliminary sketches for Flitflee Flanderfoodle! After a couple of minor changes, they are being completed, as we speak! I should have final ones in hand within the next 10 days or so. So excited to see them!

Then, it's just a matter of putting the rest of the puzzle pieces in place to get this project completed. So far, it's looking good to have it on store shelves before the end of the school year! Whoot!

The shop remains, gratefully, busy as ever..............

All four kids and one brother were able to come and visit for Easter, although not all at the same time, but I'll take it!

We were able to have a lovely meal, surrounding a table with chairs, in a room that serves no further purpose other than to provide a spot for us to gather, eat and visit. This room leads to other rooms that hold places to store endless streams of food, appliances on and in which to cook said food using several different methods. Rooms that house comfortable furniture on which to sit or sleep. Rooms containing ways in which to entertain ourselves. Yet other rooms that provide what many would consider luxurious ways in which to do things as simple as keep our bodies clean. All of this under a roof that provides shelter, surrounded by walls and windows that keep the heat in.

We were able to do all of this together, without threat of violence, without fear.

We are a lucky few.

As for the upcoming week............

Baby watch continues..............

Work at the shop will be hoppin'............

I will be keeping an eye out for completed sketches...............


Well that about does it for this week!

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish..............

May you grab hold of life's sails, and release it's anchors.
May the difference be as obvious, as obvious as cowboy vs. banker.

May you catch every beam of sunlight as it filtres through the grey.
May you capture the twinkles, like a toddler through a window, every... single... day.

May everything that once seemed impossible, become more than a what if, or, if only.
May you come to see the difference between being alone and being lonely.

May each day become less of a struggle and more of a stroll with incredible horizons.
May you gather strength from the successes of each day, everything in good time, for what once were simple rocks, are now brilliant diamonds.

Until next time...

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