Sunday, April 17, 2016

Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Crap!

Spring has sprung and summer is on it's way!

Long, warm days and short, starry nights are just around the corner.

Do you know how I know this? I know it by the seasonal change in advertising! Yup, the ads for allergy medicine and ways to get the "perfect summer bod" have been officially cranked into overkill!

The allergy stuff I get, this actually is the season that allergy sufferers suffer most. But the perfect body thing...... I mean it's always there, the ads don't ever stop. The cover of any magazine, the countless ads on tv for diet supplements, body contouring surgery (whatever the hell that is), the endless barrage of before and after pictures, they all get turned up 10 fold this time of year.

Thankfully I'm passed giving much of a crap. I'm still here, and the body I have, although far from "perfect", has allowed that to happen. Although, I do look forward to the "post hot flash" segment of this journey.

Now, please don't misconstrue the not giving a crap thing. I most definitely give a crap about my health and my ability to function the way I need to to enjoy my life. I do give a crap about how I represent myself in the world. This is not because I seek the approval of others. No, it's because I respect myself and want to sincerely represent all of the facets of the person I have become. I don't fit in a category.  I don't fit in a box. I don't think any of us should. I'm a firm believer that the way we take care of ourselves physically has a direct effect on how our emotional health, and vice versa.

Summer body? Sure! A 50 year old body that has been on quite an incredible ride, thus far. A body that has a lot of roads trips left in her. A body that can snuggle a baby like nobody's business. A body that can give airplane rides, kiss owies, solve problems, form and voice an opinion, ride a bike, walk, run if a bear is chasing me, and still has the ability to knock my hubby's socks off, flaws and all.

Will you see me out there wearing sleeveless tops? Sundresses? Shorts? A bathing suit? You bet your sweet patootie you will! It's summer, it's hot! If my body isn't "summer ready" enough for you, Frankly, my dear, I don't give a crap!

As for the past week?

Busy, busy, at the shop. It's Awesome!

Made some real headway on my novel!

Did some prep for the upcoming "Word Slam"

Worked on layout for "Flitflee"

Went to see "Batman/Superman" movie. (Not fantastic but have absolutely seen much worse)

Got to squeeze all four grandbabies in one day!

As for the following days...........

Work the shop.........

Do more prep for "Word Slam"


And with that, I will bid you adieu.

Until next time......

May you have a blast, catch the giggles, dance to the music in the grocery store.
May you end each day with a smile, feeling fulfilled, looking forward to more.

May the new season inspire new experiences, new ideas, new choices.
May the new season give your deepest dreams the loudest voices.

May you see that happiness is not circumstantial, it's present always, but sometimes is shy.
May you bring it out of the corner,through the troubled crowd, give it sparkle, give it wings, let it fly.

Until next time!

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