Saturday, April 2, 2016

Our Newest Addition Has Arrived!!!!!!!

Well folks, it's no April fool's joke! On April 1st at approximately 2:10 am, our newest grandbaby finally decided to join us in the loud, bright world!

Yup, all 21 1/2 in, 9lb 9oz of her! ( I know 4 pics might be a bit much, but you can't say I didn't warn you!)

Mom and baby are fine, home with hubby and other two munchkins, settling in and snuggling, as we speak.

Then, mid afternoon, April 2nd, received word that we are Great Auntie and Uncle once again! Mom and baby are doing fine there as well! (Sorry no pics of this one yet)

Two healthy babies born to two healthy Mommas, into families who will love and cherish them. What more can you ask for?

You might say that this week has been pretty full, and you'd be right!

Had a bit of an exciting ride home when, the other day, I was going along on the highway, a semi close behind, when the clutch in the car went kaflooey! All of a sudden the tachometer started freakin' out, and I was slowing down...... alot!

Travelling the same road can hold some advantages...I knew there was an approach just over the hill, and thankfully was able to get to it before the semi reached my back bumper.

We were able to limp the car back to town, and a few days later, to a mechanic's shop. To have these kinds of services, basically at your finger tips is pretty awesome. The repair bill won't exactly be tiny, but it will be absolutely less than a new car.

Luckily, having the old truck around made it so we didn't have to miss the new baby's trip into the world!

Now that the little bundle has arrived, the constant state if  stand-by has been lifted.  We no longer need to live at the edge of our seats. The leisurely snuggling of the newest grandbaby can commence!

Once again, I had the privilege of being there, in the room, to witness my daughter become a Mom, in this instance, for the third time.

It is, at once, the hardest and most beautiful thing I'm certain I will ever experience. To watch your child go through the pain of childbirth, wishing with everything you had that you could do it for her, is tough. But then, to be there when this little life cries her first cries, to see her placed on your daughter, and at the bedside, her loving daddy...... it's pretty amazing.

When the nurse asked if I had been there for all of my grandbabies' births, I was honoured to be able to say yes.

Now, as for the following week, I don't imagine it will quite as eventful. At least, that's not the plan....but you just never know......

As far as the plan? Well.........

Vote! (Our local election is Monday)

Work at the shop...month end and then some...........

Squeeze in some new grandbaby and not-so-new grandbaby snuggles.........

Start working on layout etc. for Flitflee Flanderfoodle............

Start prepping for a workshop I'll be participating in toward the end of April......

Attend a fundraiser that will include some dancing!

Make some headway on my Novel!!!!!!

That about does it for another week......

With these new babies in mind, I'll leave you with this wish..............

May you feel the joy that surrounds you, know you are so wanted, know you are so loved by everyone your brand new eyes can see.
May you know that you are precious, you are worthy, you are already everything you'll ever need to be.

May you feel the strength and protection in the arms that hold you close, for this, dearest one, will never fade.
May you, as you gain awareness of us all, know we will always be there, for every fallen tear, every game played.

May you know your very presence fills our hearts entirely to the brim.
May you know your light will only grow ever brighter, never will it dim.

Until next time, check it out.........


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