Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Ways To Avoid Hypnosis..........


Okay, I pretty much have no relevant excuse for the top picture. Well, no excuse other than she's pretty freakin' adorable. One week old already...let the race against time begin!

Speaking of adorable, the other pic is the artwork for the cover of my up and coming new children's book, "Flitflee Flanderfoodle". A little story about how we should never let fear drive our decisions. I have several people in my life, big and small, young and old, who suffer with anxiety. My hope is that, just maybe, this silly little story might strike a cord, either by the one it's being read to, or the one who's reading it.  It's a long shot, but you never know.

So, this week has been another busy, fun one.

The shop is hopping right along, thankfully, as busy as ever.

I received the final artwork for "Flitflee" and was able to get a start on the layout.

Another word or two made it's way to the pages of the novel I'm working on............

Then, last night, my hubby and I attended a fundraiser for a community school group wherein the entertainment was a hypnotist....

We've gone to several shows like this in the past, and, apparently I am one of the lucky few who are very susceptible to hypnosis. Every time we've attended I've gone under, whether I was consciously trying to or not. This time, I really just wanted to stay in the audience and watch, so I took a few precautionary measures to ensure a non-hypnotic state. When the lights dimmed and the spa music kicked in, I high-tailed it for the washroom, which was a decent distance from the auditorium.  I hung out there for as long as I comfortably could with a lady I had never previously met, then, made my way back to my seat. Unfortunately, he hadn't completed the "watch the watch" talk, so I took out my phone and concentrated on a very dry article about the American electoral process. When I found my focus being drawn in by the hypno guy, I switched to playing a trivia game. This seemed to do the trick, requiring my mind to focus.

It was so fun to watch as others became butt models, piano players and back-up dancers for LMFAO.

Then today, we were able to attend our nephews' play in their regional drama festival. There were five plays put on by five different schools. There are some very talented young people in our neck of the woods. Pretty impressive.

As for this evening, we will go and watch Tina Fey play a journalist in Afghanistan. Should be pretty entertaining!

It's never lost on me, how absolutely lucky I am.

Dreams are built on a foundation of solid decisions. Not-so solid decisions don't have to have the power to demolish the dream. These stumbling blocks simply make the dream take a little longer to achieve, because we need to spend  the time to repair the damage. Once the problem is recognized and a solution found, you let go and move on. Hanging on to the mistakes will make the climb so much harder, and the extra burden serves no purpose other than to hold you down.

When you are standing at the pinnacle of a particular dream, (as I believe everyone should have way more than a few) you can look back and see the not-so-solid decisions weren't really mistakes. The repairs they required added character and strength to the build, making the dream just that much more beautiful.

It's never lost on me just how lucky I am.

As for the upcoming days.....

Work in the shop..............................

Capture some baby snuggles............

Do some glamorous spring cleaning type things..........


And that, my friends, about does it for another week..........

Thank you all for taking the time to read these ramblings each week, it means so much............

May the joy of spring find it's way into your life, painting it widely with the colours of a new start.
May it's gentle breezes bring you serenity, clarity and peace, lighting every corner of your heart.

May you, no matter who, or where, or how old you are, begin to build your next dream, say it out loud, give it a voice.
May you give, even the tiniest piece of yourself permission to believe you can make it happen through opportunity and choice.

May you find the courage to explore and push your talents, find out how deep they can go.
May you then find the courage to let them shine in whatever way allows your soul to glow.

Until next time.....

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