Saturday, June 25, 2016

Even Stormy Skies Don't Need To Be Watched 24/7!!!!


They don't call our Province the "Land of the Living Skies" for nothing!

As I sit here, I think about all that has happened since last we spoke.

From what I understand, the UK is leaving the EU and this was considered, at least partially, the reason the world trade markets went nuts.  I'm not exactly clear on the reasons why the citizens of Britain want to separate, but I'm sure more information, mis and otherwise, will be filling newscasts for weeks to come.

American politicians held a sit-in of sorts, which they deemed necessary to try and pass some kind of law to make the weapons used in several mass shootings harder to come by. There is opposition to this idea.

It seems the human race is becoming obsessed with picking sides and placing blame. For everything, and I do mean pretty much everything.  Fear and hate perpetuate fear and hate. They can't do anything else.

On a much smaller, but no less important scale:

Little ones were splashing in toddler pools and trying out water slides for the first time. Babies were rolling over, toothless wide-eyed 2nd graders were running to first base, bikes were being ridden, walks were being taken, diplomas were given, scraped knees were happily happening, and scars that will make a great story a few years down the road were being created.

People died, babies were born, people got married, people got divorced, an exorbitant amount of cute animal videos hit the internet, the earth spun, and gravity still works.

Let's face it. A parent, single or not, struggling to keep flesh and bone together for their family with some semblance of sanity, doesn't give a tinker's damn about politics. Those that find the day-to-day a challenge are more concerned about simply holding it together for another day than who and/or what the news is telling them to fear, this week. 

I think I've hit a bit of a news overload. Time to step back from it for a few days. Things, good and bad, will happen whether I know about it or not. Yup, gonna take a bit of a news holiday. 

Adios, CNN, MSNBC, CBC NEWS, CTV NEWSNET and all your cronies, see ya in about a week!

 But I'm still gonna watch the cute animal videos, oh, and the giggling baby ones. 

Closer to home..............

We are hopping at the shop, 0 customer fishing trips missed so far! Working on keeping it that way!

I wasn't able to get much writing done, but did get the cover for "Flitflee Flanderfoodle" finalized! One step closer!

As for the next week......

We will be putting in some long days, working toward a long weekend!

Squeeze some grandbabies!

Celebrate my hubby's birthday!


Until next time............

May you allow yourself to close your eyes to the stormy skies, having faith they will break and light will once again shine through.
May you allow your heart the belief that we, as humans, are inherently good, the overwhelming kind majority vastly outnumber the dark few.

May you see that which holds no purpose but to cause human destruction, can be lost without losing anything at all.
May you see the fear in every child's eyes as they participate in yet another lock down more abhorrent than the thought of letting the most deadly arms fall.

May we see that the more weapons we create and hold over the head of our neighbour the further and further we get from actually being free.
May we see that the walls we create to keep others out, also keep us in, obstructing our view of the horizon, limiting our journey, for we travel no further than we can see.

Until next time........... 

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