Saturday, January 28, 2017

What We Are Willing To Tell Our Kids................


Well, we have hit a relative midpoint of winter. So far, not so bad. We've actually had more freakishly warm temperatures than freakishly cold. It actually rained today, for cryin' out loud!

The days are getting noticeably longer, which, at least for me, is awesome. I find the long stretches of darkness the toughest thing about winter.

When the weather is decent like this, it makes traveling to schools a lot more pleasant.  I haven't had to miss or reschedule a visit yet!

This week, I had the pleasure of visiting another great school filled with the gorgeous little faces of awesome munchkins. After reading my stories to the kids, the floor was opened, as usual, for a predictably unpredictable question and answer session.

This is my absolute favorite part of any visit.

Now, keep in mind the people asking the questions generally range from the ages of 5 to about 10, so the term "question" can take on a bit of a broader definition. Sometimes, the questions take the form of stories, stories that can begin with something as simple as they know someone with the same name as one of the characters in my books, but then, can quickly develop into an adventure that could rival any star wars movie. Some stories begin with something as simple as what they may have received for their birthday, which, in turn, become fantastic tales of giant, shape-shifting, magical flying machines with great powers.

Sometimes, though, the questions remain questions. They range from what kind of car I drive, how old I am, and if I have a bed, to fairly intricate questions pertaining to the nuts and bolts of writing and publishing books. The final question of this visit? Can I give you a hug? Something I will never turn down. The most endearing question in recent memory? Why can't you be my babysitter? This one required a gentle, simple explanation about how far apart we live and how if I was, then I probably wouldn't have time to visit schools anymore. He thankfully understood.

During this particular visit, a theme seemed to develop. It seems several children from this school received mysteriously faulty remote control helicopters and mini-drones for Christmas. I say faulty because there seemed to be a recurring problem. The problem shared by many was the fact that these toys, (which can also be used as a redecorating tool, proficient in being the reason for which a ton of light fixtures, wall hangings, and vases are often changed regularly,) according to the kids, can take weeks to recharge.

One poor 5 year old has had his toy on the charger since the day after Christmas, and it still isn't ready to fly. He knows this because his parents have told him as much....hmmmmmmm.

The things we are willing to tell our kids to try to hang on to our sanity.

The upcoming days are going to involve month-end bookkeeping shenanigans, writing, and continue to work on getting this hip back to normal. It's making progress, but not there yet. Patience.

That about does it for another week.

Until bext time..........

May you, as your children's toys graduate from push to fly, be patient, be kind, and stay sane.
May your most precious knick knacks survive, may your furniture repel every sticky stain.

May you, as your children's toys graduate from those that are remote to those they drive, be brave.
May you come to understand that the sleeplessness of infancy, was nothing, for now you fear an early grave.

May you as your children's toys graduate from a new license to the endless dangers to someone brand new at adulting, be strong.
May you know that this was the end goal, a good person, making their own way, the wide world now where they live, but in your heart, they'll always belong.

Until next time,

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