Saturday, April 8, 2017


Soooo, this was our sky for about 20 minutes yesterday evening. No, there was no fire, there was barely a thunderstorm. I don't know if it was just the timing of when the storm hit and when it cleared relative to the sunset, but it was pretty incredible.

Once again earning our title of "Land of the Living Skies."

If you've been watching the news at all this week, you bore witness, yet again, to the atrocities we are capable of inflicting upon one another. The sickening sights of lifeless, tiny bodies, people, again being plowed into like the pins of some twisted, demented bowling game.

It seems that the ones making the decisions about pulling the triggers, both metaphoric and literal, are never, themselves, in harm's way. I can't help but believe that if it was the decision makers, or their actual families on the wrong side of their violence, things would be very different.

What is the end game? What, exactly, is the brass ring they are so easily willing to kill for? Whatever it is, how can it possibly be worth all of the lives that striving toward it continues to obliterate? The ones who lose their lives, the ones left behind to grieve, all of those swept up in the hatred, where is their brass ring?

They just wanted to go to school, go to work, drop off their children at daycare, kiss their wives and husbands, tuck their babies in at night, complain about bills, worry about money, argue, love, laugh, Live.

Wiped out for some proverbial prize deemed precious by a precious few. Maybe, someday, we will find a way to value what is truly valuable.


This week..................

First draft of my first novel,  "Once Broken" is complete! I'm not gonna lie, the process is pretty challenging, but completing this first step helps a lot.

Ran errands, did Mom stuff, Grandma stuff, wife stuff, housekeeper stuff, chef stuff, and lots of other stuff.

As for the upcoming week...... Begin the polish and tweak portion of the book writing process...

Run more errands, spend some time at the shop,  do more things and stuff.


Until next time...........

May the hopelessness radiated by the hatred be brought home to roost with those who chase the ring.
May they suffer each agony they inflict, for then maybe they will understand the torment they bring.

May those already suffering find peace, find comfort, find some way to walk on.
May those able to help them do so, be warm, be welcoming, prove every darkness has a dawn.

May we get to the other side of this dark, tumultuous time in history, taking stalk, and learning from our mistakes.
May we learn, to not repeat the creation of false fear, for that falsehood becomes distrust, then hate, then we are simply burning new witches at the stake.


Thanks for reading!

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