Saturday, April 22, 2017

Filters, Perspectives, and Plot Twists...............................

Same view through different filters.  Same situations from different perspectives.

Filters and perspectives can, and sometimes do, change in a heartbeat, the shoes we walk in, and the path on which they take us, detour with every challenge met, every heartache suffered.

If we allow each detour to soak in, our filters become clearer, our perspectives, sharper.


Well, folks, my novel is complete! It's been poured over, changes have been made and remade. It's been polished, proofread, reread, and read, yet again. Now I am officially on to the next step.

Along with having paperback copies, I will be working to have it available as ebooks on Amazon, as well as on Apple books.

I've been hanging out with these characters for a while now, it's a little tough to say goodbye.

It's been quite a ride. The plot, subplot, plot twists, characters you love and some you love to hate. Deciding fates, fights and family relationships. Yup, a bit of a roller coaster.


I'm afraid I've been on a bit of a writing overload over the last few days, I apologize if these ramblings are a bit more rambly than usual.


Sorry to write and run, but some of the grandpeeps are having a sleepover. Gotta run.....

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish....................

May the story of your life bring enough twists to make it interesting, but not so many, as to make you weary.
May you write your story as a happy one, full of light, love, and laughter, never dreary.

May each detour bring you closer to where you want to be.
May every path taken, strip a filter, making your future easier to see.



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