Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ups, Downs and Close Calls

Hello out there,

Another week has passed, and even though I had no readings this week, "Lexi" still managed to keep me on my toes!

Let's see........ on the up side of things, I found out that some family members that I haven't seen in a long time are planning on attending my reading/signing in Denzil on Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to it. Will be sooo fun reading to some of my cousins' kids in my old home town!

Another event that definitely belongs on the up side of the week, was a great kind of impromptu bar-b-q that was thrown together on short notice, which my baby sister was so gracious to host. With Mom, my sister with her hubby and munchkins, all four of my girls and the husbands and boyfriends and kid that comes along with that, plus 3 of my nephews and the two special girls that are part of that package, it was a great time!

Okay, now for the down side. If you recall, last week I told you I had a call scheduled with a distributor on Wednesday. Although it was an informative meeting, it didn't have quite the results I was hoping for. As it turns out, they are not accepting any new children's authors right now, and even if they were, they won't really take you seriously as an independent until you have three or four titles under your belt. Still, it was great information to acquire, and, once I have 3 or 4 titles in hand, they will definitely hear from me again!

In the meantime, I am more than thrilled with the way things have been progressing, so I will just keep on doing what I've been doing. It seems to be working pretty well!

Let's move on to the close calls portion of this week's blog now, shall we?

Since the launch of "Lexi's Magic Clothes" in June, as you know, I've been doing reading/signings at several schools and libraries. My eldest daughter has been great in helping in the process of setting up these appearances. With all the calls and emails going back and forth, it would have been pretty incredible not to have any wires cross, so I guess it was kind of inevitable that some eventually did.

It just happened to be with Denzil, my home town! lol During the course of setting up an appearance (Aug. 3rd), my daughter was under the impression that a board meeting needed to be called in order to cement a date, after which they would call back. As we hadn't heard from them, we assumed it wasn't going to work for them.

Just by luck, I sent them an email on Thursday just to drop them a note to let them know that I was sorry this date didn't work for them and maybe we could set up something else in the near future.

Well I popped that email off and went to work! When I got home that evening, I was a little surprised to see that the Denzil library had called and left a message. They were very confused as to why I wouldn't be showing up for my reading! They were under the impression that all was set it was a done deal! I quickly sent off an email to her to apologize for the misunderstanding and that I would absolutely be there.

About 10 minutes later, I received a phone call from my aunt, who happens to be on the library board in Denzil. She was also a little frantic and confused as to why I wouldn't be showing up. I quickly assured her that it had all been fixed and I would be there with bells on!

Crisis Averted!

I would have felt horrible, had I not found out in time, and people showed up for the reading, and I would have been home, busily writing away on another story! Phewwww!

Now for what's coming up!

First thing Tuesday morning I will be making my own frantic call to my printer to get a rush order of books!

Then, needless to say, I will be in Denzil library on Tuesday August 3rd, at 2:30pm! lol

Then on Thursday I will be at the Outlook library at 1pm.

I'm almost positive I won't have enough books to cover both appearances, but I'm hoping people will be ok with either leaving their orders with me, or ordering online.

Meanwhile "Lexi" is available:

McNally Robinson in Saskatoon

Milbanke's (both locations) in North Battleford

Crandleberry's in North Battleford

Paisley & Polka Dots in North Battleford

Prairie Rose Floral and Gifts in Kindersley

Tunes & Trinkets in Rosetown

Jacq'y Jaye's Gifts & Beyond in Outlook

Our Drug Store in Unity

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