Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ah, The New Year

Well Hello,

Happy New Year!

The holidays around here were great. Our kids were all home for Christmas, lots of games, gifts, food, and general goofiness. It's always so nice to get everyone home at the same time, even if it's only for short bits of time.

We did a karaoke show on New Year's Eve that went really well too. My youngest brother brought his crew for the weekend and came to the show. It was so fun! We definitely rang in the new year on a positive note. I hope all of you were able to do the same.

Now, time to get out of holiday mode and back into real life. Not that real life is so bad. I consider myself pretty dang lucky. I am very aware and absolutely grateful that my "real life" is pretty sweet. Yes, tomorrow I go back to "work", where I will assist in getting one five year old off to school, and then play with two adorable one year old twin boys the rest of the morning. Then it will be off to running a few errands, hug a grandbaby, maybe be given the tour of what Santa brought my redheaded niece and nephew, and then home to work on "A Crazy Day" for a while before I climb into my nice warm bed with a loving husband and a full tummy.

Yeah, not so bad.

Speaking of......."Crazy Day" is cooking along quite nicely, just need to give it a little more polish, and then it should be ready!

This is the most nerve racking time of the whole process for me. This is where the nagging little self doubt critters want to kick up a stink. The "what if " choir can start to sing pretty loudly here if I let it gain momentum. So, when that choir wants to start singing like they have a sold out show at Carnegie hall, I just have to remind myself that if the only thing this book ever does is make one kid giggle, it`s a success. And if Hazel, my illustrator friend counts as that kid, then mission accomplished!

I hope the first moments of 2011 found you in the company of those you hold closest to your heart. If not physically, then virtually. If not by phone, by skype, texting, email, IM, or video chat. You know,if your like me, you like to swear at technology every now and again. But, we can not deny that it does provide us with ways to be to communicate that we thought impossible 30 years ago.

Next, flying cars! Well that was what they said would be happening already according to 'Back to the Future' lol

Until Next Time,

May this new year give us all a fresh start, to make changes where needed, truly appreciate what makes life good, and the wisdom to know the difference.

May these days be filled with adventure and awe, and lessons that show us for what or whom we should really hold reverance.

May this be the year where every troop from every country, gets to go home, and stay that way.

May the children of these war torn countries finally feel safe and simply go outside to play.

May this be the year that to be famous you will need more than a drug problem, big boobs and a sex tape.

May it be the year that the ones our teens look up to, deserve it, just a little, and show us they have an IQ at least a smidge higher than a grape.

Happy New Year!


  1. i think you are not being fair to grapes my I get where you are coming from

  2. Well put, as usual, sister darlin', well said!!