Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well, I woke up this morning, looked outside, and was suddenly very glad that we live in the year 2011, as say compared to say, 1935.

There is some snow, and I mean DEEP snow out there. That is why I'm glad we live when we live, where Santa had the technology and the foresight to give my hubby a nice new snow blower for Christmas!

Now, today's challenge will be if my hubby will let me use it today, as he hurt his back last weekend.

That, brings me to the happenings of the past week.

As I mentioned in last week's blog we were gearing up to get back to "real life", holidays being over and all. Well, we definitely tried.

Monday, Hubby got out of bed, sort of, and that's as far as that went.
Tuesday, went in to work.
Wednesday, my day off, and Hubby could barely walk.
Thursday, same.
Friday, moving a little better, but not worth pushing it and making it worse.
Yesterday, he was a little better, but still pretty stiff...........And it started to storm.
The discussions began on the use of the snow blower and if I could do it....yes I think I can.(Fairly good size machine vs. I'm 5'5")

Let's see...this morning, he has already mentioned how "he" will need to do a bunch of snow removal before he can get in the garage. He seems to be moving around better, but I'm not convinced that it's such a good idea for him to do all that snow blowing. I smell a re-injury coming on. I will hopefully be able to convince him to let me do it. I just know it would drive him nuts to see me out there in the cold, while he's all toasty inside. I guess we'll see.

With all that has and hasn't been going on this week, I did manage to finish "A Crazy Day"!

Yay me!

Now, once the illustration disc is in my hands, I'll be able to send it all off to Artbookbindery, and about 2 months later, it will be in my house!

Now,I know Hazel popped the illustration disc in the mail just before Christmas, in talking with her, she feels it probably is caught up in customs. She had an international package take 2 1/2 months to get to her! Here's hoping it doesn't take that long, that could really throw a wrench in my timetable!

Anyway, that was my week. Onward and upward!

This coming week will be spent doing a lot of pins and needles sitting while waiting for my package from Hazel. I'll try not to get too nuts about it, but I'm not making any promises.

I guess the first order of business will be to simply get out of our yard! A lot of snow and supposed to snow more today. It's looking like an all day project, no matter who ends up doing it! lol

Also this week, I am going for my first massage! I wish I could say I'm excited, but I'd be lying. Scared, is more the term I would use. Maybe, if it was one of those massages they show on tv or in movies, all candle light soothing music, then I could feel more warm and fuzzy about the whole idea. But, alas it is not one of those massages at all. This one has been prescribed by my doctor as a result of the two times I was rear ended in the past 7 months. "Therapeutic Massage" , or so it's called, I've heard, feels more like getting your butt kicked! I'll let you know how it goes!

Until Next Week!

May all your obstacles become opportunities whenever they arise.
May you find your way through, around, or over them, whichever you decide.

May light be thrown on your "everyday" so you are able to see it as the "extraordinary" it truly is.
May you be inundated with children's' laughter, smiles from strangers, and whatever is your bliss.

Have A Great Week!

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