Sunday, January 23, 2011

Closer and Closer!

Well, let's see, this week has been fairly productive. I received, and approved the printed proof of "A Crazy Day" on Friday! That's a biggie! Might actually have it in my hands ahead of schedule. Yep, it's looking like at the end of February, I could be holding the finished book in my hands! I should reiterate how great the people are at Artbookbindery. They are phenomenal to work with.
Also this week, I made some posters for the upcoming fundraiser we are doing for a co-operative preschool on Feb. 5th in Saskatoon. It's the 3rd annual, and is always a lot of fun. There's cocktail hour, supper, silent auction, and of course the best karaoke party you will ever witness! lol I have an event page set up on our Rainbow Entertainment facebook page, if you would like all the details.
So, for the upcoming week. I'm predicting some emails from the web guy at artbookbindery, for one. We'll be adding "A Crazy Day" to my existing webpage. It won't show up there until just before I have the book, maybe a little after. I need to start figuring out a launch date with McNally Robinson in Saskatoon. I also need to start work on updating my press release thingy so it's ready to go as soon as I have the book in hand. I also need to update my ISBN status. They like to be kept in the loop as far as publication dates and such.
Also this week, I will be reassembling our newly updated song books for the Rainbow Entertainment part of my life. Thanks to my youngest daughter, all 2100 plus songs are now included and in alphabetical order once again. We will also need to get some rehearsal time in at some point!
Oh, here's a little something to make all of you hate me just a wee bit. I would like to give my hubby and myself a bit of a pat on the back for this. It's a big job out of the way. Yes, income tax is organized, at the accountant's office, processed and waiting for the efile system to open up on the government end of things! Okay, tooting of own horn is complete.
So, here is wishing you all a great week!
May you feel every single blessing to the very deepest core of your soul.
May hardships be deflected by the sheer gratitude you hold.
May every act of kindness you give, come back to you in spades.
May you transform negativity, so from every lemon, there's lemonade.
May you see the shine and not just shadows on even the darkest night.
May you know without doubt, shadows can't last, they have to yield to the overpowering light.
Until Next Week!

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  1. and now time for cheesecake breakfast.happy birthday sweety