Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Not Sure What I Should Call This One!

Hi Everybody!

You know, I'm all for "let it snow" and everything, but really?! This is getting crazy!
The above picture was taken through my deck door this morning, I'm not sure how much more snow will fall before we can't see out the door at all!
Anyway, about this past week. We were able to have a fairly normal week, only having one snow day, on Friday. We left the house, got in the car, plowed our way out of town and made it about 10 miles pushing snow with our little car. It was then the alternator belt blew off because of all the snow under the hood. We turned around and made our way back home, fingers crossed the whole time that we make it ok. Being it was -29*C with wind chill. Not exactly ideal hiking weather!
I did go for my massage, all in all, it was worth it. My neck was very tender to the touch for a couple of days following the treatment but, for the most part, my neck did feel better. I will need to go back a couple of more times to really fix things. Apparently I have quite a muscular neck (surprise, surprise lol) and those muscles have basically circled the wagons around the injured smaller ones, hence, a couple of more sessions. Hey, if it works, it's worth it!
Also this week, I finally received my package from Hazel. I think the postal service on both sides of the border need to go back to basic training! It arrived looking like it had been through a war, a hurricane and a tornado! Luckily the contents were relatively intact, but the package itself was beaten and torn.
On the bright side of that scenario, I was able to get "A Crazy Day" off to the printer! Text, with notes, illustrations, rear cover write up, including picture for the back,done, done and done!
I have found, on both occasions where it was necessary for me have my picture taken for the back cover of my books, that I find it pretty stressful. I guess just knowing that this is the picture people will be looking at, it has to be a decent picture. What to wear, make up, hair, very conscious maybe too much so, of the kind of image I will be putting out there. It's very intimidating. Especially for a person who is not real crazy about getting her picture taken to begin with. Anyway, it's done. Hopefully it turns out ok.
Now, within the next few weeks the emails will be flying back and forth between the people at the printer's office and myself. The cover design lady, the print layout guy, the web guy, and the guy that orchestrates it all.
Proofing, making any changes, font, size of font, type of paper,what to put where etc. the mechanical side of writing books. It's very interesting, this is where I have to make a lot of decisions, although they seem small are very important, as to how they effect the finished book.
Before "Lexi", I had no idea how many decisions went into making a children's book. It's been an incredible learning experience, that I look very forward to continuing.
Today is my baby daughter's birthday. She turns 20 today. I think back to 20 years ago, my girls were 4,3,1 and a new born. I was 24, my hubby, 26, we were living on love, and not much more. Stretching pennies within an inch of their life! Would we change any of it? Not in your life! Every struggle started a ripple that spread out and touched a certain part of our lives. It made us strong as a couple and even stronger as a family.
So today, my baby is 20. Happy Birthday!
Until next week, a wish for all of my daughters.
May the road before you be filled with adventure, surprises, hills, and curves.
May you learn the skill of maneuvering through with adaptability, wisdom and swerves.
May you be open to all opportunities both the obviously loud and the subtly quiet.
May you have the insight to choose to pursue the ones right for you, without too much inner riot.
May you find a love that treats you with respect and consideration, who leaves you with no doubt that you are his one and only "one".
May you, in return, feel that without him, there would be no smile, no joy, no fun.
May you enter this next chapter of your lives with a sense of great anticipation and awe.
May you, in this chapter, discover, embrace, and celebrate the incredible women you are.
See you next Week!

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  1. well our baby no longer being a teenager is a jagged pill it is also a proud day . i think we raised good hearted women thoughtful of others .As parents this is all anyone can ask for so all i can say is i am verry proud of all 5 of my women.proud of you and love you all.