Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ahhhhhhh, Spring!


A special hello and welcome to my new readers from the Emerald Isle, thanks to you and everyone for taking time to read these ramblings.

Well, this week was pretty great. Other than coming very close to having yet another day when we couldn't get to work because of icy roads, all was well. After talking to my sister-in-law in Oklahoma and seeing pics of the tornado that tore through their home and yard, I feel very lucky to live where I live. I'm very glad to say that no one was seriously injured. There were Christmas trees hanging out in fences and mattresses perched in trees, brick walls which crumbled, and teddy bears swimming in mud puddles. We are very grateful that those we love weren't tossed around like so many other things.

On a happier note, as you can see by the picture I've posted this week, "Lexi" the puppet is complete! She would get arrested for indecent exposure, but she is finished! Next, the genius seamstress and I will have to get together to get the clothes part of the project moving forward. I can't wait!

The trade show in Outlook yesterday went pretty well. My baby sister and my hubby were great help. We met lots of people and sold a fair amount of books. One little girl came by and, after taking a peek through 'Lexi," hung on to the book as if it were a favourite doll. Her older brother came up and proceeded to read "A Crazy Day" to me. It was so rewarding to see them enjoy the books so much. I was glad to see the parents buy the copies for them.

Throughout the day, there were several occasions in which 'Lexi" and "Crazy" were compared to Robert Munsch books. The best compliment, EVER!

As for the upcoming week.

With Easter coming up, I need to get my butt in gear with some meal planning and prep for the weekend. I've concocted a treasure hunt of sorts for the kids to find their baskets ever since they were little, and, even as grown ups, they still seem to get a kick out of it. It'll be so nice to have everybody under the same roof again.

Also this week, I hope to solidify a few more dates for readings. I need to start working on the music for the Grad party we are DJing in a few weeks. I need to pay some attention to the dust bunnies that have taken up squatting rights under my fridge and stove. It is also imperative that I sharpen up my Wii skills for the weekend, as I am certain there will be some sort of tournament of something at some point.

Also this week I will be working feverishly to squelch the worry that has cropped up from the fact that my second eldest daughter has decided that owning and driving a motorcycle is somehow a good idea. More grey hair, here I come!

Due to the holiday and the delightful distractions that will be occupying my home next weekend, my next blog will be going up on Monday, the 25th.

Take Care and Happy Easter!

Until then;

May Mother nature smile upon you and those you love, this Spring.
May you experience the sunshine and rainbows, and not the tantrums in which she throws things.

May she show her nurturing side, the warm, the dewy, soft breezes and showers, oh so sweet.
May she not rear her PMSing head in which she shakes the ground and stomps her feet.

May flooding waters subside, the earth beneath you become still, and any storms become but a scary story to be shared for a campfire delight.
May Mother nature bring for you days described in fairytales, and many sweetly dreamed nights.

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