Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who Could Ask For More?

Hi Everybody!

First off, I'd like to welcome new blog readers from Japan.Thank you, and all of you, so much for taking the time to read these ramblings!

Ok, so this week was pretty incredible. 

On Tuesday, I did a reading at an elementary school in Saskatoon. I read to the kindergarten kids, grades 1 and 2. Other than one little grade one guy, who was trying so desperately to act all cool and jaded in front of the older grade 2 kids, at least for the first few minutes, it went very well. Afterward, the kids and teachers had great questions and the principal said she would put a bit of a blurb about my McNally reading/ signing on the 30th, in the school newsletter. Who could ask for more?

After my reading that day, I went and did some shopping to add some things to the goodies I was taking up to that school in Prince Albert I was telling you about.  It was a very fun shopping spree. But, more about that later.

When we arrived at home on Tuesday evening, we found a message on our voicemail that our half a beef was ready to pick up. So after some conversation with the butcher guy, made a date to pick it up the next afternoon. Side note: butcher is an hour and a half north of us. As it turned out, Butcher guy's wife teaches grade one in Biggar, so I left him my card. Who knows, right?

As I was planning on spending my Wednesday sorting and making ready the supplies for Prince Albert, things got bumped up a little. With my hubby's help we ended up getting everything sorted and figured out that evening. Thanks, Honey!

So, after Thursday went by pretty much without a hitch, other than my road trip partner changed from baby sis to baby daughter, and a few anxious moments loading the car, Friday was very quickly upon us.

Friday was AWESOME!  I left work a wee bit early, picked up my youngest daughter, and off we went to PA! The traffic was pretty heavy, and the road itself isn't in the best shape, but it was great spending time with my baby girl.
Now, I know I've mentioned in the past, these little niggling voices of doubt that live in my consciousness. Well, they started yelling at me again on the way there. What if this is too much stuff, what if it's not the stuff they really need, what if I completely missed the mark in what I felt and saw in my first visit? What if I offended the school?

By the time we actually got to the school, I was pretty nervous.

We entered the school, and went to the gym, where some of the 8 and 9 year old children were. It took them about a half a second to recognize me and then my nerves were completely drowned out by the chorus of "Hi! You're back! We missed you!" It's hard to feel anxious hearing those words as your being tackle/hugged by about 15 kids! I stopped second guessing myself right there.

It was incredible. They had no idea why I was there, they didn't know I had brought anything for them.

After a bit of  a conversation with the Principal, it was decided that the staff should maybe go through everything first and decide how it all should work. Thanks to everyone who contributed, there was......
Board games, 3 big boxes of story books for all ages, musical instruments, puzzles, crayons, markers, scissors, glue, pens, pencils, funky erasers, scrap books, flash cards, a whole learning system, toys, glitter, construction paper, computer paper, and I'm sure more that I'm not thinking of at this moment.
Thanks everyone!

It was priceless. After my daughter and I brought in the first armloads, the principal started saying her thank yous, I just looked at her and grinned. "Oh, but we're not done."

As we brought armload after armload, the staff was like a bunch of kids at Christmas! One of the teachers was talking aloud to himself as he moved each box from the entryway, "Oh, this will be awesome for this kid, that one is going to go crazy for all of these books!"  He became more animated with every box. The tired soldier, not so tired anymore.

Yep all in all, a very good trip! Who could ask for more?

There was a little sad news to be brought back from this trip, though. I found out why my tour further north has been postponed. Apparently the reserves where Cheryl wants to take me are having a lot of flooding right now, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. I guess, sometimes these schools have to close for up to six weeks! I guess I better quit complaining about the mud puddle in my driveway!

So, now she is looking at putting together a tour in the Fall. It will probably be for about a week and include several schools.

This kind of works out pretty well. This way, I can take time to hopefully put together something really fun, musically for the kids. I'm thinking I might just learn as many basic chords on the guitar as I can, and just write some stuff around them! Just might work! Who could ask for more?

Oh before I go, I have to tell you about the email I received from McNally Robinson. Apparently, they have pretty much sold out of  "A Crazy Day" in both Saskatoon and Winnipeg and need more books, pronto!
How cool is that!? Who could ask for more?

For the upcoming week.

This week, I'll be working, and getting organized and prepared for the trade show in Outlook on Saturday, April 16th. Come check it out if you are in the neighbourhood!

Other than that, the week should be pretty tame. Who could ask for more?

Where to get "Crazy"
Our Drug Store, Unity
McNally Robinson, Saskatoon and Winnipeg
as always online

Until next week,

May you have the chance to hug those with mouths that smile, but eyes that tell a deeply different tale.
May you know that there are those with cherib faces and adult souls who, as grown ups, we have failed.

May you have the joy that comes with bringing even a glimmer of lightness and laughter to these eyes that have seen too much.
May your soul be filled to the brim, by holding them with what, though distant, they recognize as a mother's touch.

May you all feel the satisfaction, peace and gratitude, that comes from the chance to spread a giggle.
May you not allow the doubting voices to deter you, no matter how they nag or how they niggle.

Take Care!

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