Saturday, June 11, 2011

Appliances, Guitars & Surprises

Well, Hi!

It's been a pretty interesting week in the Reid household.

First off, and I am perfectly aware of how dorky this sounds, I am sooo happy to tell you that I am the proud owner of a brand new, yep, you read it right, I said BRAND NEW washer and dryer!!!!!!!!

Like I said, I know it's very sad that that news gets me that excited. But in order to appreciate my enthusiasm, you first have to understand how badly I've been needing said appliances. You see, my 20 something year old washer was a little schizophrenic, had the shakes, and I'm pretty sure was suffering from some sort of prostate disorder. The dryer, on the other hand, simply liked to dance across my laundry room floor on a regular basis. I had to shove an old dustpan under one corner to keep it from doing the Watusi out the door!

Now, I can go to my laundry room, put clothes in my washer, and they come out clean! And wouldn't you know it, stuff comes out of the dryer, dry! And I don't have to rely on my spanky new GPS to track where it's waltzed off to!

Okay, now for the guitar portion of this week's blog. Well, apparently I still suck at it, but with the help of my friend, Darren, I've purchased a new "how to" book on learning the basics. He seems to think that I have tons of time to learn what I need to for the Fall. He is a music teacher by trade, so he should have good judgement about these things. But, on the other hand, he has never witnessed the miscommunication that can take place between my right and left hands!

Before you ask, yes, he is a music teacher, but he is also a friend, and I'd like to keep it that way. I have a sneaking suspicion that taking lessons from him could end badly. Besides, I really don't want to go on record as his most frustrating student.

He thinks I can do it on my own. I think I have a shot. We'll just take it from there. I've posted a picture of my youngest daughter playing, to see if it will inspire me and my hands into some state of nimble, coordinated bliss. Here's hopin'.

Now, my surprise, this week, came in the form of a phone call. It was from Eileen, a 77 year old sweet lady from Southwestern Saskatchewan. She had seen my picture in the paper last year, regarding "Lexi" and again, lately, with "A Crazy Day." She said she wanted to call me last year, but couldn't work up the nerve. But, this time, when she had seen that I had come out with another book, she worked it up and called.

She had some great questions, and said she has been thinking about writing a book for years. I answered her questions about the background work that goes into writing and publishing your own book. I could only share what I've learned in my experiences thus far, letting her know that I'm learning more all the time, and have a long way to go. She was very kind and generous with her congratulations, and the fact that she might be even entertaining the  thought of pursuing her writing dream at this stage in her life, is freakin' awesome! It's never too late to chase your dreams. Heck, maybe later in life, they slow down enough so they are easier to catch!

All in all, a very pleasant way to wind down an evening.

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be receiving phone calls like that, and from total strangers, no less! Yep, another pinch myself moment.

Now for the upcoming week:

I think you have probably surmised that my day off on Wednesday will include, you guessed it.....guitar, guitar, guitar!
 I also need to head into Fabricland sometime this week to find fabric for the last of the Lexi puppet outfits.
 This week, too, I'm going to be looking into a kind of trade show/festival thingy I received an email about today. It looks interesting, could be something worth doing. I'll keep you posted.

Until next week;

May your passion become your livelihood so your happiness can bring you money.
May you have a laugh so long you can't even remember what was funny.

May you feel every day, a bit of the thrill that came from so many firsts, firsts that cannot be denied.
May you feel the butterflies of first bike rides, first kisses, first dances,  the first time down the "big kid" slide.

May you find a job that feels less like work, and more like a good way to spend a day.
May you flourish in whatever you choose to do, in every conceivable way.

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