Sunday, June 26, 2011

Camping and Dancing!

Hi all!

Well, it's been a pretty good week, even if taking into full consideration, that I have not yet conquered the skill of playing the guitar. I know you must be getting tired of the mere mention of the dang thing, and I promise there will be no further mention of it today!

I do have to share with you, though, a very cute grandson story.

My daughter had taken Ethan to the doctor's office, as she suspected he had an eye infection. Being a walk-in clinic in the middle of the day it was predictably busy.  A couple came in  carrying a little one in a car seat, and of course Ethan started chatting to the baby. Now, this couple was dressed in traditional clothing of their culture, she in a beautiful, colourful sari, and he, in a turban. Ethan hadn't noticed anything until, in his fully engrossed conversation with the baby, he glanced up and saw the gentleman.

He then promptly turned to the baby with huge eyes and declared with great awe, "Dude, your grandpa's a Genie!"

Luckily everyone had a good sense of humour about the whole thing, and had a good laugh. Ethan, on the other hand, talked about how lucky that baby was, how he will get wishes, and how wouldn't it be cool if his grandpa was a genie, all the way home!

And people wonder why I like hanging around kids!

This week, I'll be getting ready to attend, and do a reading at the Denzil Centennial Celebrations! It's going to be a lot of fun.
First, we will attend our niece's graduation in Unity on Thursday. Then, on Friday, July 1st, (Canada Day) I'll be doing a reading/signing at the Hall in Denzil at 4 that afternoon. The rest of the weekend will consist of a lot of visiting, food and two, count 'em, two nights of dancing!

So, I'll need a float, and to figure out how many books I'll need to take. I'll need to plan menus and grocery shop as we are camping while we are there.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, and am really hoping to run in to some old friends!

Also, this week, I will be working more on the stringed thing that is the bane of my existence these days. That, along with prepping for the weekend, working on more songs, going to work and packing, it should be a fairly full week!

Next week, my ramblings will be a little late, as I'll have to wait until we get home to write them.
So, until next Sunday Evening,

May the chance to touch base with old friends present itself wrapped in a bar-b-que and a smile.
May you find lots of easy conversation, and time just to sit in it for a while.

May the occasion that brings old friends forward, bring new ones to you as well.
May you be surrounded by good, trustworthy people, to whom, all your secrets you can tell.

May you celebrate this Canada Day with family, fireworks, good food, and a cold one.
May it be followed by so many more good times to come, that you lose track of the fun.

Until then, You can find books:

McNally Robinson @ Saskatoon and Winnipeg
Crandleberry's @ North Battleford
Prairie Rose @ Kindersley
Our Drug Store @ Unity

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