Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Have Always Dreamed of an Indoor Pool, But.........


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Well it got a little exciting around here this week!

Monday and Tuesday were fine, just your average, run of the mill, typical July days. Then came Tuesday night!  As far as we can tell, the downpour left about 5 inches of rain in about 21/2 to 3 hours. It also left about 4 inches of water in our basement!

So, naturally it isn't covered by insurance because it's classified as "seepage." Our new neighbour had his downspout pointed directly at the wall where the water and his landscape soil came through, but is still not insurable. We've been told we would have to sue our neighbour for compensation. Not only are we not really the "take you to court" kind of people, but it would probably cost 3 times more in legal fees than we would actually be awarded. No point.

So anyway, after discovering the water Wednesday morning, I called the hubby at work, he came home and the fun began. Gotta love cutting rolling and hoisting wet carpet out of the basement window! Let me tell you, wet couches are not the lightest thing on the planet either!

There is definitely something to be said about being married these 24 years. We work extremely well together and we have handled much harder situations in the past. Although this will be a costly pain in the butt, we both realized very quickly that, in the grand scheme of things, this is just losing some stuff. You can always replace stuff. We have had much more valuable losses. This is fixable, it just takes elbow grease, determination, and money. Two of which we have an abundance, the latter can always be earned.

So, for the next few weeks of evenings and weekends, we will be dismantling the basement, walls and all. No point in taking chances developing mould. While we have the big dumpster here we are also going to do the demolition of the upstairs bathroom for the previously mentioned reno we are planning there.

On another subject, I did manage to get a wee jump on the wedding we are doing in Elbow, on Sept. 10. Because of the basement, I didn't, however, get to lay my hands on a guitar much.
Also, this week, I received an email, from the Events Coordinator for the Saskatoon Farmer's Market. Apparently, every Wednesday of the summer, they do a story time for kids down there. This year, they have been inviting local authors to join in the fun. They also have a bouncy house, colouring, and crafts. So, I'll be doing a reading/signing down there on Aug. 17th. from about 10:30 til noon. Come by and say hi!

So, other than dealing with a soggy basement, this week:

Hit up Fabricland for Lexi's Ringmaster material and her rain boot fabric.
Write at least one more kids' song
Try to find a Justin Beiber look-a-like. (Long story will explain later)
Find out the nuts and bolts and get prep work done for the show for Milden's Centennial
Have lunch with Dana (YAY!)
Oh, and probably should go to work!lol

Until next week!

May your Summer go by slowly, so you can savour every day.
May your days at the lake be long and lazy, and be filled with nothing but play.

May the smiles of your sundrenched, sticky, wet, children, lighten the loads of laundry they produce.
May you find amazing solutions to bug bites, sunburns, and sand getting places it really has no use.

May your toddlers not eat anything that really harms them, because the odd bug and some foliage is pretty much a given.
May your teenagers meet new friends and have the greatest of times, but always, without fail, use the common sense they've been given.

May you, after the hot dogs and s'mores, destickifying, and tucking in, have time to sit and look up at the night sky.
May you feel, in that moment, you are exactly where you should be on this earth, and sigh, satisfied.

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