Sunday, July 24, 2011

Motivation, Mucking Out, and Moving On!

Hi all!

Well folks, this week has been pretty interesting. First, an update on the basement situation. Let's just say it's not the most pleasant job we have ever tackled, heck it doesn't even make the top 50 list, but we are making progress. We have the humidity down to about 70 percent, a vast improvement from our starting point of 92!

Our two youngest daughters came out yesterday with every intention of giving a hand to the clean up effort. But, as luck would have it, Codey's alternator died on the way here, so Randy spent the rest of the day and evening chasing down parts and trying to replace it.  Long story short, while Kerianne and I made as much headway as we could, not nearly as much mucking out was accomplished in the humid dungeon as we had hoped.

As for the rest of the week?

We were able to get our new tub home in one piece. Having it sit here provides a lot of motivation to get the bathroom finished as soon as possible. In spite of the dungeon!

As you can see in the picture, Lexi is no longer naked! When I met Dana for lunch, she brought the completed pieces of Lexi's wardrobe with her, along with a couple of unfinished ones for me to look at. I am so excited and so grateful to Lori, the sewing goddess, for all of the time, effort and care she is putting into this project. I'm sure she would have much more exciting things to do with her summer!
The firefighter outfit is going to be killer! And Super Lexi? So completely awesome!
I was able to finally find and buy fabric that will work for the ringmaster clothes and rain boots for Lexi. They aren't a perfect match to the details in the book, but hopefully they are close enough to please your average 3-6 year old. Next time, I will try to think it through a little better while writing. Who knew blue with red dots, purple with yellow stripes, and orange with green frogs would be soooo hard to find!

As for the upcoming week?

Well, we will continue to muck out the basement, and hopefully start on the dismantling of the upstairs bathroom.

With Milden's centennial next weekend, I'll be doing a lot of prep for the show on Saturday, planning for kids coming home, and giving a hand to the planning committee wherever I can.

Oh, and go to the dentist, yay.

Yep, Milden will be celebrating it's centennial. It's a great community, and a wonderful place to raise kids. We moved here on April 14th,1990. We were 25 and 24, Crystal was 3. Sarah 2, Codey 3months, and I was pregnant with Kerianne, but didn't know it yet.

We were wet behind the ears, without two nickels to rub together. We live in a community where, when someone is in need, people don't just sit around and watch and point fingers. Yes, there may be some whispering on coffee row, but it usually ends up with a mystery box of groceries on a doorstep, or anonymous money in a mail box. Having been on both the giving and receiving end of this generosity, I can say, even though it may not be perfect, we wouldn't have raised our kids anywhere else.

So until next week,

May you find a place to set down roots, where they can grow both wide and deep.
May you recognize that transplanting from the place of your origin, even just for a while, leads to strength that keeps.

May you find a place that envelopes you with warmth, security and care.
May you be greeted with genuine welcome, and know in your bones, "this is it" when you get there.

May you find your "place" on this earth both externally and within your soul.
May you discover early that when these blissfully collide you truly can be home.

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